Hidden Homes for Fairies in Teapots, Shoes, and Thingamajigs

Fairies are incredibly magical creatures that can be extremely creative with their hidden homes. After all, you can do anything with magic. And that includes making a home out of nearly anything. Fairy homes can get incredibly fascinating, built out of giant things that humans may have left behind. With fairies so clever and so tiny, and so amazingly full of magic, they can make homes from everything.

fg Feb 18 2019 1-51. The Tiny Teacup Home

Fairies absolutely adore tea parties, so it’s not a surprise that an abandoned little teacup would have an inquisitive little fairy making it into a home. Perhaps a tea party from a long time ago, a picnic in the woods, had forgotten this beautiful little cup. And a happy little fairy stepped in to make it a wide, sun-filled cozy hidden home deep in the woods. See the cup home at the Fairy Garden.

2. Teapot from Wonderland

But if fairies love pretty hidden homes in teacups, they most certainly adore homes in teapots. This beautiful teapot with its diamond patterns come straight out of the storybooks, of wonderlands full of magic. Where else would a good little fairy want to live but such an enchanted little pot? See it at Etsy.

3. Brass Bubbling Teapot Home

Teapots are wide, rotund, with their own chimney built right in! Hidden homes like this are perfect for those cold days where something as warm and comfortable as a pot of tea is in order. This brass teapot is just the trick, keeping everything cozy for a fairy living inside. Its deep brass color keeps it hidden in the beautiful woods. See it at Etsy.

4. The Artful Acorn Home

Acorns are everywhere in the forest. They hang from tree branches or litter beneath the leaves on the floor. Tiny but treasured, fairies could live in such lovely hidden homes. Whether it could be hanging safely in the trees or settled beneath the leaves, it’s an enchanting little spot to live in. See it at Etsy.

5. The Hydrant House

Where’s a fairy to live in a big city? Not that many trees or bushes, but there are still so many places where fairies make their hidden homes. In a big city, there are plenty of fire hydrants, so this tiny fairy home in a hydrant is just the place for a fairy. Away from the hot asphalt with plenty of water running by below, it’s quite a sophisticated cosmopolitan home! See it at the Fairy Garden.

fg Feb 18 2019 6-106. Fairy Boot House

Among the many things left being by people are shoes. That includes tall strapping riding boots, perhaps dropped by a human on a hike or while galloping over the woods. They become sturdy, leathery hidden homes for fairies that’ll weather any storm. Find it over at Amazon.

7. The Pink Slipper Home

Ladies and princesses running through the woods tend to leave their slippers behind. Fairies tend to like such slippers, especially fairy nobles who want quite fashionable hidden homes. Can you just imagine a proper fairy duchess stepping out of such a pretty slipper house? See the home at Amazon.

8. The Watering Can Home

Fairies that live in gardens tend to find their on hidden homes. That includes old watering cans lost in the brush or the bushes. They slip into its quaint tin interior, fill it with sunlight and magic, and it becomes a cool, sturdy home for them to live in, just like this one. See it in the Fairy Garden.

9. The Conch Condo Home

Sea fairies living by the seaside have to be a little more creative, but their hidden homes are no less dazzling. Sea fairies live in gorgeous shells like this beautiful conch. Perhaps some mermaids helped them find it, offering the shell to a fairy needing a home. See the shell home at Amazon.

10. The Wine Barrel Home

Fairies out at the countryside have hidden homes no less lovely. A home in an aged wine barrel like this one means it’s quite a fancy old home, with the fragrance of the best grapes and wine. It would feel like a lovely manor home for any vineyard fairy lucky enough to find one! See it at Amazon.

Fairy hidden homes are everywhere, hidden away, tucked into the most innocuous things hidden in the woods, in nooks and crannies all over the world. You might find some of them in your own garden at home. What a magical surprise they’ll be!

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