Fairy Scoop: Stock the Fairy Kitchens During the Winter!

This week’s Fairy Scoop brings a reminder: Fairy kitchens need to stay stocked up during the winter too! While everything is so cold outside, fairies would also just love to stay indoors where everything is nice and cozy, warm by the fire. While keeping warm indoors, they’ll want plenty of things to eat since they won’t be able to fly outside to find some. So it’s up to everyone to help out and make sure that the fairy’s kitchen is appropriately stocked with the right food and the right kitchen necessities.

fg fs feb 20 2019 1-51. A Piping Hot Breakfast

Fairies work hard every single day, but like us regular-sized people, they can’t get going without a little bit of breakfast! So make sure that fairy kitchens are stocked with breakfast things like this set that gives fairies all that they need to enjoy some eggs and breakfast muffins. Get it at the Fairy Garden.

2. Food for a Rainy Day

In this case, it’s for a snowy day! Food in pantries store very well when they’re in cans, so fairies will need a good amount of canned food to store and keep them fed for the winter months. A whole pantry of food cans in fairy kitchens can last them a while! Get a set at Amazon.

3. Rainbow Cereals

Speaking of breakfast and packaged food, cereals are another great food item to keep stuffed in the fairy kitchen’s pantry. They can be sweet and filling, and quite a treat with a big bowlful of milk, with their sugar sparkling like snow. Just the thing to stay warm and cozy in a fairy home. Get them at Etsy.

4. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

The essentials of fairy kitchens also need to be in the pantry. Fairies love sweets and pastries, so make sure there’s a good container of sugar, along with flour in the pantry. Don’t forget the tea and coffee too, so there can be a great tea party while they stay out of the snow. Get them at Etsy.

5. A Treasure Trove From Nature

But fairies also love greens, as they understand how so much about nature can be good for you. You can glimpse into any number of fairy kitchens and see a nice table like this one as a good corner to prepare some fresh fruits and vegetables to eat. Get the set at Amazon.

fg fs feb 20 2019 6-106. Vibrant Veggies for Fairies

Once you’ve got that little corner set up, just keep loading up all the fairy kitchens with great vegetables and greens! Root crops like carrots and beets, some curly lettuce, and even eggplants are a delicious and nutritious meal for fairies. They’re a must-have in any pantry. Get these in Etsy.

7. Leafy Spoon and Bowl

Once you’ve got the food set away, you need to make sure your fairy friends have the right tools in their fairy kitchens. A lovely bowl and spoon set made of leaves, just like this one, is just the thing for eating hearty hot soups by the fire! Get the pair at Etsy.

8. Bloom and Blossom Tea Set

Since fairies love tea and treats, and a hot drink is exactly what any fairy doctor would order during cold weather, why not make sure fairy kitchens have a pretty tea set at hand? This one is made of delicate pink flowers, and will go perfectly with some flowering teas. Get them at Etsy.

9. The Little Wooden Fairy Stove

The fairies will certainly need something in their fairy kitchens to cook all that food in. This beautiful kitchen stove set up, made right out of the magical wood, is just the thing for it. You needn’t worry, their magic will keep the fire hot and glowing, ready for making some nice warm food. Get the set at Etsy.

10. Nature’s Kitchen

And of course, all fairy kitchens need a fine table and countertop to do all the cooking preparations in. After all, no one knows when a friend will come in out of the snow. Fairies are hospitable beings, so they’ll need a place to whip up a meal like magic. Get the set at Etsy.

Tucked with a full pantry of food and such lovely fairy kitchen items as these, any fairy would be delighted to stay in and keep out of the cold!

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