The Town: Wonderful Village Buildings For Fairy Gardens

It takes a village, as they say, and these breathtaking little fairy village buildings can turn a fairy garden from a small plot to a bustling little town, full of busy fairies crafting and creating magic everywhere they go. There’s definitely more to the fairy world than delicious candy shops and bakeries where the sweetest treats are made. There are also things that help make everyday life a little more magical for the fairies living in your fairy garden.

Have a look at some of the buildings!

FG Feb 21 2019 1-51. The Fairy Farmer’s Produce Stand

One of the most important village buildings in the area is the fairy farmer’s market stand. Hardworking fairy farmers everywhere use their magic to make sure that the crops grow big and healthy. And they happily share their crops in the fairy farmer’s market for everyone to enjoy. See it at Etsy!

 2. Sweet Lemonade Stand

While you’re exploring the market, why not stop for a delicious cup of fairy lemonade? While it may be small compared to other village buildings, it brings so much joy. Magical fairy lemonade has the freshest lemons and sweetened with honey shared by the hardworking honeybees. Get it at Etsy!

3. The Oakwood Branch Post Office

Fairies receive mail too! As one of the most important of the village buildings, the post office sends messages in and out of the kingdom, flown there by dutiful fairy postmen. They send everything from quick fairy-grams to long scrolls of royal decrees. Sure, they might get delayed by some poor weather and wet wings, but it’s still a lot better than snail mail! Get it at Amazon.

4. The Bright Flower Shop

When it comes to florists, fairy florists can’t be beaten! They always know where the brightest flowers are and when they are best gathered. And they arrange all the blooms into the loveliest arrangements. It’s especially busy during special occasions, like most of the village buildings. Get it at Amazon.

5. The Teapot Tea House

You might have noticed, but fairies love tea parties! So it’s not a surprise to see the Tea House as one of the most important buildings. Special, spellbindingly delicious teas from fairies all over the world are flown into this lovely, teapot-shaped tea house, with it’s little sign declaring it’s open, and all are welcome! Get it at the Fairy Garden.

FG Feb 21 2019 6-106. The Daisy Field Diner

Looking for something a bit more substantial to eat other than the pastries and tea? Head over to the diner, where hot fresh meals are made. Fairies hard at work or are taking a break are fond of sitting at the tiny stump stools and eat their meals while swapping stories and laughter. See it at Etsy.

7. The Fairy Farm Stable

Royal horses, unicorns, and Pegasus are often housed in the stables. This is the heart of the kingdom’s cavalry and one of the most vital of the village buildings. In addition, the many fairy horses that have become friends to the fairies in the kingdom are housed here to be properly cared for. See it at Etsy.

8. The Purr-fect Pet Store

Fairies do also have pets; they are so fond of animals, after all! Enchanted fairy pets can be found in this lovely emporium, with more than what can be found in a usual pet store. Everything from tiny frogs to miniscule foxes, from the chirping canaries to the slithering snakes, can be seen here. See it at Etsy.

9. The Wonderful Wand Shop

Fairies have magic innately, but sometimes they also use a magic wand to direct their spells more efficiently. Having a good and proper wand is important, and if in case a wand breaks or needs a bit of patching up, this is the place to go. It’s one of the busiest village buildings to be found. See it at Etsy.

10. The Fairy Fisherman’s Bait Shop

Fairies living by the ponds also catch fish to eat and share, and this humble but warm little fish and bait shop has everything they need. Maybe some of the fairies are going on vacation and just want to row out into the middle of the pond to fish leisurely. They can get their supplies there. See it at Etsy.


These are just some of the many vital village buildings that form the great kingdom and keep every single fairy in the area busy as a bee. There’s so much more to see! What fairy buildings do you look forward to the most?


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