Sleep Tight! Charming Little Beds for Tired Fairies

When the days are long and the forests are peaceful, even fairies can’t help but snuggle into their beds for a quick nap or a long snooze. This goes especially for when the weather is just between warm and cool, cozy enough to snuggle under the leaves or just go for a quick forty winks under the afternoon sun. Or maybe they had a long day of adventures and explorations, and now just want a good night’s sleep! Have a look at these beautiful fairy beds and make sure that your fairy friends are tucked in well tonight,

1. The Four-Poster Forest Bed

Inside some of the bigger fairy homes, the beds can be quite sophisticated! A four poster one like this bed won’t be an unusual sight to see. It would have sheets made of 100-count grass blades and pretty vines swirling around the posts. Get this one at the Fairy Garden.

2. Woodland Tree Fairy Bed

Deep in the woods, some fairies who are more fond of napping outdoors might choose beds like this one. It may look like a golden pile of curly leaves, but it’s actually quite a comfortable fairy bed for a fairy traveler just looking for a few Zs. Get the bed at Amazon.

3. Egg’s Nest Bed

Beds like this one are actually popular among fairies who live in the tree branches and tree tops! It looks just like a bird’s nest, safely away from any predators. It’s even shaped like an egg, so who knows if a fairy has nestled their bed into a downy bird nest? Get the bed at Etsy.

4. The Delicate Lace Canopy

Beds just like this one are just the thing to imagine a fairy princess sleeping under. Covered in beautiful greenery and flowers, with a soft lacy canopy and a rippling green leaf on the sheets, it’s a luxurious and adorable little bed for a royal fairy head. Get it at Etsy.

5. The Filigree Day Bed

A unique type of bed like this one is actually quite rare. Though they look simple, beds like these are made of carefully crafted wire filigree. It might’ve been taken straight out of a human’s royal treasury, and repurposed as an ornate little fairy bed! It’s quite the luxurious treatment for any fairy. Get it at Etsy.

FG Feb 22 2019 6-106. The Hovering Hammock

Sometimes a fairy just needs to stretch out and relax in the middle of the day after a fine meal. And a fairy hammock like this one, suspended in the air by the most delicate of wires, made of a downy green leaf, is just the thing for those quick midday naps. Get it at Etsy.

7. Big Leaf Canopy Bed

Leaves aren’t just for sheets and covers on fairy beds: they could be the canopy themselves! After all, a big, strong, waterproof lead is just what a wooden fairy bed like this one needs to keep its occupant out of any springtime shower. Get this canopy bed at Etsy.

8. Rustic Fairy Bed

Countryside fairies enjoy the luxury of having the springiest, bounciest, moss cushions that a fairy could wish. They’re plentiful and easy to tuck into a wire bedframe, creating quite the cozy mattress for them to enjoy. All you need is a little firefly for a nightlight! Get the bed at Etsy.

9. Fur-lined Fairy Fantasy

Out in the colder climates, fairy beds have to be much warmer. Fairies pick up after the shed fur of thick winter-accustomed animals, and use it to line their beds, much like birds do. The result is an unbelievably warm and luxurious little bed deep in a warm cave! Get the bed at Etsy.

10. The Splendid Royal Bed

There’s no bed like royal fairy beds, however. Covered in shining beads and sequins, lined with dried lace, delicate twigs, and rare moss, the bed is truly a sight to behold. A king or a queen could lower their crown for the day and tuck into bed comfortably in this splendidly decorated bed. Get it at Etsy.

Bedtime is never a problem when fairy beds like these can be found around the fairy kingdom. Imagine how comfortable they must be all tucked in and snuggling a tiny pillow. There are certainly plenty of sweet dreams to be had tonight!

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