Make a Brew: Fairy Potions and Supplies

Fairy magic can be a lot more than wand waving and fairy dusts: fairy potions are another preciously wonderful way that fairies express their enchantments. These tiny but potent fairy potions have a multitude of different effects, casting a shining glow on nature or on beings that receive them. Fairy potions may be small, but they have very strong magic, just like fairies themselves.

Plan for a fairy potion with these wonderful supplies below!

FG Feb 25 2019 1-51. Magical Herbs and Blooms

Fairies are especially adept in their knowledge of the most important flowers and plants in the woods. It’s no surprise that many fairy potions use a number of them. Grab this set of herbal and floral fairy potion ingredients in Etsy.

2. The Magic of Happiness

One of the things about fairy potions is that they might aim to bring something happier to the people who get them. Things like laughter, or love, or even a good night’s sleep. Fairies do like to be helpful to everyone! See the potions at Etsy.

3. The Power of Time

But because fairy potions are so potent, some of them, especially when made by a fairy wizard of great power, can be exceptionally strong. Such as this potion that bottles the power of time. Perhaps it can cause a longer springtime or summer! See it at Etsy.

4. Magic Woos

Fairies are also especially friendly with animals, especially woodland ones. So they use some of their magic with forest animal magic to create a fairy potion or a spell, too. This little bottle contains a good supply of wise owl woos. Get it at Amazon.

5. Protective Armadillo Cream

Fairy potions like this one would be especially useful for fairies going out on adventures or knights protecting the royal family; it’s an armadillo cream! Armadillos are hardy with strong protective shells, and fairies will be able to use that protection too. Get it at Amazon.

FG Feb 25 2019 6-106. Glowing Night Magic

When twilight falls of the woods, everyone is always on the lookout for fairies, glowing and glimmering in the evening light. Even fairy potions glow with the same magic. These tiny bottles are full of glowing magical ingredients. Get them at Etsy.

7. Spellbooks and Potion Books

When making fairy potions, the first thing they will need is a book. After all, how do you brew something up without knowing the recipe? The wisest of the fairy scribes and scholars always put together some good books about making potions. Get these at Etsy.

8. Tiny Fairy Bottles

Of course, a fairy will need something to put the fairy potions in, and these tiny glass bottles with their even tinier little corks are just the thing. Don’t forget to seal it properly with the cork after pouring, and label your potion bottle! Get them at Etsy.

9. The Magical Work Desk

A fairy needs a good, sturdy worktable when putting fairy potions together. That way, nothing gets spilled and there’s room for all the ingredients. This lovely work desk is just covered with supplies and everything a fairy needs for a potion. Get it at Etsy.

10. The Potion Cupboard

Don’t forget to organize! A fairy will need a place to put all their fairy potion bottles in, and this cupboard is just what’s needed to tuck away all kinds of different fairy potions, so they can be found again quite easily when needed. Get it at Etsy.

Get ready to brew some fairy potions and see how beautiful their effects will be on the world! Everyone can use a bit of fairy magic in a bottle.

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