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Hello Fairy Garden Lovers!

We hope you had a wonderful Halloween! Now that the holiday is over, many of you are probably gearing up for Thanksgiving. Just like you, our fairy friends are already brainstorming on the best party ideas and ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. Of course, it’s important to keep our homes spic and span for the upcoming celebrations. Fairies do the same as well. Today, let’s explore the fairy home essentials that our fairy friends will prepare in time for their families to visit them this Thanksgiving.


Fairy Home Essentials

  1. Fairy Garden House Treetops Hideaway

Fairies need a fairy house to eat, rest, and sleep in. This quaint little treetop house is a nice, magical home for fairies. It features a door that opens and closes for an even more magical feel. It features differently shaped windows from which you might just get a glimpse of some fairies. This Thanksgiving, fairies will welcome their friends and family to their home.

  1. Tiny Bistro Set for Fairy Garden

One of the most common fairy home essentials you need is a nice bistro set. This tiny bistro set is composed of two metal brown chairs with black highlights and a metal table. It has a rustic look and feel to it and is perfect for any fairy garden. Fairies will appreciate having a place to sit, relax, and enjoy their tea. Tea time has never been more fun with this charming bistro set.

  1. Fairy Garden Tea Cup Set Rose

When fairies have their friends and family over in their homes, they like to welcome with some warm tea. This delicate tea set is adorned with pretty pink roses. It is ceramic and includes one teapot, one sugar pot, one creamer, four cups with saucers, and four plates.

  1. Day Bed for Fairy Garden

A beautiful, rustic piece to add to a fairy garden, this day bed is carefully crafted using metal. It features an elegant design and is best paired with some moss and tiny flowers. Your fairies will love spending some quiet time in the garden on this day bed.

  1. Fairy Garden Desk and Chair

Fairies need space where they can work freely and with no distractions. This delightful fairy desk is designed with three drawers, lots of moss, and a chair fairies can sit on while they work. The desk features lots of fairy knick knacks such as a fairy book, a key, a bird, some miniature plants, and a few drawers.

Fairy Home Essentials

  1. Fairy Garden Mini Red Mailbox with Bird

To make a fairy home complete, you’ll need a charming little mailbox. Fairies need mailboxes because they often write letters to their fairy friends and families. This cute red mailbox has a little bird watching over the mail and some vines with flowers creeping up its post.

  1. Miniature Bookcase for Fairy Garden

A fairy home won’t be complete without a bookcase. Fairies need a place to store their books and fairy dust! This bookcase is creatively handcrafted with red themed accessories and flowers. A truly charming piece that your fairy friends will love!

  1. Red Fairy Garden Tools

Every fairy home must be equipped with some garden tools. With this, fairies can keep their surroundings clean and tidy, especially during Fall when leaves scatter all over the yard. These tools will help them maintain their own little backyard. This set includes one spade, shovel, and pitchfork.

  1. 3 Landscape Fairy Picture Frames

Did you know that fairies love to decorate their homes too? These landscape fairy picture frames feature three original photographs and some twine on top for easy installation in any fairy garden house. It’s great decor that will serve as a nice conversation starter among fairies.

  1. Faery Bench

Last but certainly not the least, we have this fairy bench that’s great for any social gathering. When fairies entertain guests in their homes, they’ll need a nice comfortable bench for their fairy friends to sit. This handmade bench is crafted using faux flowers, faux moss, and grapevine.


Your fairy friends will enjoy welcoming their families to their humble homes with these fairy home essentials. These delightful fairy garden accessories are sure to brighten up any fairy’s day. Here are more great fairy garden accessories to make your miniature world realistic and whimsical.

Fairy Garden Weekend Party

Fairy Garden Weekend Party


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