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Skull-Tastic Halloween Fairy Garden Treats

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Happy Halloween, fairy garden lovers! The most anticipated time of the year for fairies has arrived. Tonight, all the friendly and not-so-friendly ghouls, ghosts, witches, warlocks, dragons, trolls, monsters, and weird creatures are set to come out. Before the festivities begin, however, we’re giving you some last minute skull-tastic Halloween fairy garden treats that will inspire you to decorate your fairy garden tonight! Let’s get our spook on!

  1. Mini Headstone Halloween Fairy Garden

Mini gravestones are a great way to add some mysterious charm to any fairy garden. This headstone reads “RIP” and has a skeleton hanging out with a skull and a spider with his web right up front.

  1. Plastic Skull Trio

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil? This trio of creepy skulls are sure to play tricks on any fairies who dare come near! They’ve got rhymes and riddles ready for Halloween. Be warned, their sinister smiles hide some secrets.

  1. Miniature Grim Reaper

This creepy grim reaper has a smiling skull that’s ready to frighten any naughty fairies this Halloween! He’s holding a scythe on one hand and a Jack O Lantern on another.

  1. Miniature Skull Candle

The witches of the fairy garden will delight in this miniature skull candle, which they use to conjure spirits and write spells. This Halloween, they’re using thi handcrafted miniature to make sure that evil spirits are kept at bay.

  1. Skull Island Neverland Fairy Garden

Transform the landscape of your fairy garden with this Skull Island inspired by J.M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan story. This unique fairy garden accessory features a creepy skull with green and brown palm tree details, a white seagull accent, and a blue waterfall.

Skull-Tastic Halloween Fairy Garden Treats

  1. Bat Topped Miniature Dome with Skull

This charming miniature will complete your goth inspired fairy garden. Featuring gorgeous detail, this handmade Spooky Bat Topped Cloche is filled with dead moss for a realistic look and feel. The bat and base is also filled with lots of texture and detail that your fairy friends will truly be curious about.

  1. Halloween Miniature Raven/Crow Skull on Book

Tonight, fairy witches are coming together around this magical book filled with enchanting spells! The book is guarded by a cryptic skull and a crow to make sure no evil elements would get their hands on it.

  1. Micro Mini Skull Candle Pick

This Halloween, add a cryptic touch to any fairy garden with this tiny skull candle. The candle is painted blood red, ominous and completely terrifying! Includes a pick for easy installation.

  1. Mini Jack O Lantern Pumpkins with Skull

Tonight, these Jack O Lanterns and the skull sitting on top of them will come alive in song! Place them right beside a fairy bridge to greet crossing fairies or beside a haunted house as a decor.

  1. Spooktacular Fairy Halloween Party

Halloween won’t be complete without a fairy party! This party set includes a charming little skull fountain inspired by the sugar skulls of Latin American cultures. Fairies will love exploring this and the party table filled with treats that come with it.

Skull-Tastic Halloween Fairy Garden Treats

Get some last minute inspiration with these skull-tastic Halloween fairy garden treats. Don’t forget to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden for daily inspiration on all things fairy. You’re going to love our holiday ideas! Stay tuned and happy Halloween, everyone!

Creepy Halloween Fairy Garden Decor

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