Creepy Halloween Fairy Garden Decor

Halloween has finally arrived! Just one more night and all the fairies will come out to spook each other and celebrate the holiday! But before we begin the festivities, let’s take one more look at the creepy Halloween fairy garden decor to inspire your holiday. Are you ready to get spooked? Let’s begin exploring those boo-tiful fairy garden accessories!


Creepy Halloween Fairy Garden Decor

  1. Miniature Man-Eating Plants Venus Fly Traps

This Halloween, warn your fairy friends to be careful when exploring the fairy garden, because these Venus fly traps come alive! This spooky set of three man-eating plants snap and hiss at any fairies who dare to come near. On Halloween, fairies will get to meet Fang, Chomper, and Sneaker, who will make the spooky evening even more interesting. Comes with a wire stake for easy installation.

  1. Miniature Bone Bridge with Skeleton and Bones

Fairies need to be careful crossing this bridge made of spiderwebs and bones, because there may be spirits lurking around. The stone bridge features bone accents and two pairs of pumpkins sitting on one end. Fairies are advised to keep quiet and tread lightly as they go. This fairy bridge measures 5.75 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and 2.5 inches high.

  1. Miniature Light-Up Bone Lamp Post

The bone bridge would go perfectly with this light-up bone lamp post, which you can place at the end of the bridge! This will light the fairies’ way as they cross the bridge and get to the safe side of the fairy garden. This light-up bone lamp post measures 6.25 inches high and 2.5 inches at the base. It is powered by a led light and made of resin. Your fairies will surely find their way home with this lamp.

  1. Fairy Halloween Mini Skeleton

A Halloween fairy garden is never complete without a miniature skeleton! This one is totally creepy because he’s sitting up on what looks like a wooden box. He has a big grin on his face, which is super sinister! Fairies will surely be frightened! But they need not, as he’s actually a friendly skeleton who helps passersby who get lost on their way. Measures 3.2 inches.

  1. Tombstone or Gravestone for Halloween Fairy Garden

This Halloween, expect fairy gardens to be littered with these mysterious gravestones. Each one is carefully crafted using granite colored polymer clay with hand painted moss and antiquing added. You can even request to have a raven perched on the gravestone or have a plain gravestone instead. Comes in a sleek, shiny finish that is truly eye-catching.

Creepy Halloween Fairy Garden Decor

  1. Halloween Fairy Garden Faux Iron Gate Entrance

Ever wonder what lies behind these gates? The fairies know not what exactly, which is why they are very curious! On Halloween, they will make their way to the gates and dare to knock. Will the gargoyles come to life to warn them what lies beyond the gates? We’ll have to see tomorrow! The gate measures 3 inches tall and 3 inches wide.

  1. Spooky Street Signpost

Your creepy Halloween fairy garden decor won’t be complete without this spooky street signpost that tell fairies and pixies where they are headed this Halloween. This 3-inch tall sign is hard to miss, as there is a little gargoyle perched on top of it. He’s ready to answer any questions fairies have, but in riddle form! What a tricky little gargoyle! On the foot of the signpost is a talking skull and two tombstones. This is made of cold cast resin.

  1. Sitting Witches, 4 Piece Set for Fairy Garden

On Halloween, these four witches will sit quietly in the fairy garden, waiting for fairies to come visit them. They will tell of magical stories from faraway lands and even offer to tell the fairies’ fortune. Each witch has a distinct magical power. The are named Onyx, Bittersweet, Myrtle, and Violet, and all of them are dressed in solid-colored gowns that match their names. Each of them are holding a unique item, as well.

  1. Dancing Ghosts, 2 Piece Set for Fairy Garden

No need to be creeped out by this pair, as these are two dancing ghosts! Much like Casper, they are friendly ghosts who just want to provide some entertainment on Halloween. Their gowns feature ruffles at the hem and stars and spider webs etched on the material. Very whimsical, indeed!

  1. Miniature Coffin with Skeleton

Here’s something creepy for your fairies! This miniature coffin has a skeleton inside! To make the experience even spookier, the coffin door can be open and shut thanks to its hinges. The fairies will truly be in for a scary surprise! Measures 4 inches by 1.75 inches by 1 inch. Made of resin and stone powder.


This season, let your creativity out and add some creepy Halloween fairy garden decor to your collection. Gather inspiration from the items here or make your own! For more Halloween ideas, check out the link below. Happy Halloween, fairy garden lovers!

Haunted Halloween Fairy Houses

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