The Fairy Scoop: Haunted Halloween Fairy Houses

There’s only a few more days before Halloween and all the fairies in Fairyland are busy getting ready for the celebrations. Did you know that one of the most exciting parts of Halloween aside from Trick or Treating is exploring haunted houses? Fairies love the thrill of discovering mysterious places. Today, let’s explore the many haunted Halloween fairy houses that can serve as a centerpiece to your Halloween fairy garden.


Haunted Halloween Fairy Houses

  1. Fairy Garden Halloween Haunted House

Lots of mystery and wonder await those who visit this fairy garden Halloween haunted house! It is crafted using wood and hand painted and sprayed with an interesting, weathered look. It features eerily cut out windows and a door with hinges so fairies can open and close it! The house also has a pair of ghost-like eyes and a cut-out skull for windows to warn visitors of what’s inside. The “Welcome” mat isn’t so welcoming, as it reads “BOO” instead. Guarding the house is an eerie tree with an owl with some bats and goblins. Outside lies a tombstone and coffin with some spider webs and a Jack o Lantern. To make an even creepier experience, add a tealight into the hole provided underneath.

  1. Vintage Folk Art Cottage Fairy Garden Haunted House

This versatile work of art by an artist in Santa Cruz, California is a vintage folk cottage that can be transformed into a haunted house. This delightful piece is carefully crafted using cardboard, tree bark, small branches, pebbles, moss and other materials and measures about 6 inches in height. Add some spiderwebs and ghosts and you’re good to go for Halloween!

  1. Haunted Halloween Fairy Garden House

Discover the tiny haunted fairy garden house that would serve as a perfect centerpiece in your fairy garden this season. The quaint little house features a shingled roof, a wooden “Keep Out” sign on the window, some gravestones, a ghost, a bat, and a Jack of Lantern. The haunted house is also surrounded by Fall themed flowers, with mini marble tiles leading up to the house. It’s a little welcoming piece for curious little fairies.

  1. Trick-or-Treat Halloween Birdhouse/Fairy House

This charming little birdhouse and fairy house is just perfect for the season! It is a magical wooden birdhouse that’s painted black, antiqued gold on the sides, and embellished on all sides. On top of the roof is a large, creeping spider, while the front features a Halloween sign, ghost, black cat, and a skeleton head. The house is lined with moss and measures about 4 inches tall. Perfect for both indoor or outdoor decor!

  1. Miniature Dollhouse Haunted House for Fairy Garden

A resin made, tiny haunted house is a cute addition to any Halloween-themed fairy garden. It features a bright, big full moon behind the shingled roof, complete with a flying bat. The windows are falling apart and the front door has a “Keep Out” sign. Also waiting outside are a couple of pumpkins and two rats at the base of the house. Totally creepy!


More Enchanting Haunted Halloween Fairy Houses

Haunted Halloween Fairy Houses

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Halloween Haunted House

Here’s a spooky treat for your fairy friends. This miniature haunted house is creatively crafted using weathered wood. It features some spider webs, a tombstone, and a coffin with skeleton, Jack O Lanterns, a sleeping black cat, a creepy tree with an owl, and skulls on sticks. A nice finishing touch comes in the form of a “Keep Out” sign out front.

  1. Halloween Haunted Hill House & Fence

Beware wandering into this haunted house, as this has a horrible history. No one knows exactly the secrets the walls of this house know. But fairies and humans must be warned. This beautiful Haunted Hill House was crafted using a custom molded half-gallon orange juice carton filled with papercrete. It was embellished with a clay roof and fixed wooden doors so that no evil spirits could escape. It also includes a rusty wrought iron fencing with operable gate, sidewalk, four headstones. It also comes with an interesting miniature storybook that tells the story of the house!

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Halloween Haunted House

Charming and full of lovely detail, this Halloween haunted house has quite a lot to discover. It is carefully crafted using weathered wood and features a rickety shingled, mossy roof. It has everything you’ll ever want in a haunted house, including lots of spider webs, a tombstone and coffin with a skeleton creeping inside, a Jack O Lantern sitting on hay, a black cat creeping by the front door, and a big sign that reads “Keep Out.” Peer inside for even more spooky treats!

  1. Halloween Haunted House

Something spooky this way comes! This Halloween haunted house looks totally enchanting with its unique pointed roof and cylindrical shape. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see a ghost hiding in the attic! Your fairy friends will surely be surprised to see him lurking in the dark! This haunted house is carefully crafted using a paper container, paper clay, and some acrylic paint. It also looks like a fairy was spooked by the ghosts in the house, as a Trick or Treat bucket was left on the front door with some scattered treats.

  1. Miniature Halloween Village Hand Made Light up House

The enchanting glow of this haunted house is truly beguiling. There’s a lot of details to discover with this CreepyVille haunted Halloween village collection house. It is masterfully handcrafted using foam board construction layered and hand sculpted in epoxy clay. The porch railing, swing, and ladder are 3D designed and printed. Each stone that makes up the chimney was hand rolled and attached one by one! It’s a gorgeous collectible for handmade craft lovers.


These haunted Halloween fairy houses have arrived just in time for the season. Create a magical Halloween evening with your fairy friends by adding any of these gorgeous houses and let them discover the mysterious stories behind them. Have a truly magical Halloween!

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