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The Fairy Scoop: Fairy Houses and Furniture by Olive

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If you are a fan of hand crafted fairy garden accessories, you’re most likely familiar with Etsy, a website where like-minded, talented craft makers come together to share their various projects and put them up for sale for everyone else to enjoy. The website is teeming with talented artists and craft enthusiasts and we can’t help but marvel at their immense talents. In today’s Fairy Scoop, we’ll take a closer look at Olive Nature Folklore, a whimsical Etsy store that offers the most unique fairy garden and fairy-inspired accessories for your home and garden. Let’s check out our favorite houses and furniture by Olive in this comprehensive list.


Fairy Houses and Furniture

  1. Fairy Crib with Baby Fairy

Hush now and tread lightly into the fairy garden, as a fairy baby is fast asleep in her little crib. This fairy crib features a beautiful blossom accent and a 100% wool lining for the bedding inside, for your fairy baby’s utmost comfort.

Fairy Houses and Furniture

  1. Tiniest Fairy Swing

Every fairy garden must have a cute little swing for fairies to play in. This lovingly handcrafted fairy swing is a collector’s item, no two pieces are exactly the same! This enchanting swing features lots of twigs and some bark, moss, and flower accents. It even includes a magical fairy bauble!

Fairy Houses and Furniture

  1. Citrus Fairy Chair Handcrafted by Olive

Check out this sunny citrus fairy chair that’s especially handcrafted for your fairy friends. It features a citrus slice providing a burst of color against the gorgeous greens of the moss and the hydrangea and cherry branch wood. Perfect for any regal fairy prince or princess.

Fairy Houses and Furniture

  1. Fairy Garden Butterfly Table

Every fairy needs enough space to work and a sturdy table to work on. This beautiful table is crafted using different natural materials such as hydrangea branch, cherry branch, willow branch, natural moss, and silk flowers. This is truly a piece of furniture that will entice your fairy friends to stay for a while!

Fairy Houses and Furniture

  1. Mini Fairy Bed

After a long day working hard in the garden and spreading lots of magic in our world, fairies need to rest! This delightful and super comfortable mini fairy bed will be their favorite place to rest thanks to its moss stuffed cashmere pillow. The best part is that this bed comes in three sizes: standard, mini, and super mini for all types of fairies! Lovingly crafted using willow branches, moss, brass wire, and a little bit of magic!

Fairy Houses and Furniture

  1. Opening Fairy Door

This enchanting fairy door leads somewhere, but we know not where! Lots of secrets lay behind this door that you can open and close just like any regular door. It features a Swarovski crystal door knob and a matching key, as well as a gorgeous hinge with lots of details. Each handcrafted door is made of willow branches, moss, brass wire, and a touch of magic!

Fairy Houses and Furniture

  1. Fairy Window with Basket of Flowers and Light

What is that tiny light that turns on when the sun goes down? It’s a fairy light! This enchanting fairy window not only lights up, it is also crafted with hand gathered materials, moss, and pine. It includes a battery operated LED soft gold light that when turned on makes it look like the fairies are home!

Fairy Houses and Furniture

  1. Fairy Window with Gabled Pinecone Accent Dormer and Delicate Twinkling Light

This enchanting fairy window is best placed on a bark of a tree. It is carefully crafted with Carolina pine cones, pine, moss, and dried floral. It features a majestic gabled pine cone dormer and a cute twinkling light. When it’s on, you’ll know that fairies are busy at home, cooking in the kitchen or reading to the fairy children.

Fairy Houses and Furniture

  1. Miniature Fairy Cottage with Accessories

This delightful set of fairy accessories is a sight to behold. At the center of it all is a gorgeous fairy house complete with a wreath on the door that features beautiful detailed shingles. Tiny candles adorn a little tree that guards the house, which also comes with lots of tiny surprises like the wood bark, box of flowers, mailbox, and watering can.

Fairy Houses and Furniture

  1. Fairy House with Fairy Bed and Painter’s Easel

Creative little fairies will love this living space, which features a fairy bed with Gerber Daisy quilt, Hydrangea branch bed, moss stuffed pillow, and a nice art corner. The art corner includes a painter’s easel, a small glass bottle for seed gathering and keeping fairy dust, and a seed harvester’s basket.


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