The Fairy Scoop: Your Weekend Fairy Garden Inspiration

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Welcome to Friday, the most anticipated day of the week! Before we kickstart the weekend, we’re serving up your weekend fairy garden inspiration in the form of ideas and lovely accessories that you might want to add to your collection. These specially curated fairy garden accessories will bring delight to your home and attract more fairies to visit you! What a way to spend the weekend. Check them out below.


The Fairy Scoop: Your Weekend Fairy Garden Inspiration

  1. Country Cottage Wooden 3D Fairy Door Craft Kit

If you enjoy DIY activities, then this craft kit is for you. Not only do you get to assemble your very own fairy door, you also get to do it with family and friends to share the magic. This self-assembly kit is fun and delightful, and features an arched wood-grain door with a keyhole, a peephole window, a door frame with heart-shaped hinges, a keyplate with door handle, and your very own fairy window, too!

  1. Bubbling River Fairy Garden

Weekends are for kicking back and relaxing. That’s exactly what you’ll want to do with your fairy friends when you add this gorgeous flowing river to your fairy garden. Featuring a bubbling texture to make it seem like it’s flowing, this river is aqua/water blue colored, inspiring a feeling of calm and relaxation.

  1. Miniature Fishing Pole, Tackle Box, Beach Pail Bucket, Blue Anchor, White Fence

Fishing with friends and family is an activity often done on weekends. It is often followed by a nice barbecue by the sunset. Your fairy friends can join in the fun with this miniature fishing pole, complete with a tackle box and beach bucket. To complete the by the sea look, this set also features a nice blue anchor and a white picket fence.

  1. Fairy Garden Sleeping Fairy

Weekends are for sleeping! After a busy week, even fairies deserve to take a nap. This delightful set features a sleeping fairy, a nice white bench with a bird perched nearby, and a sign that reads, “Shh…fairies sleeping.” Tread carefully as to not wake the fairy!

  1. Faery Artist Painting Set

The key to staying happy is to find time to be creative. Whether it’s the arts or any creative hobby, you should make time to pursue it. Your fairy friends can do the same with this enchanting painting set that’s lovingly handcrafted with grapevine, moss, faux flowers, dried lichens, and acorn caps. This set features tiny paint brushes, a seashell paint pallet, a pot of flowers, and an acorn cap of pencils glued into place on the wooden table. Also includes an easel with a completed fairy painting.

The Fairy Scoop: Your Weekend Fairy Garden Inspiration

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Tea Set

Weekend afternoons are best spent with good friends and good food. Fairies can enjoy afternoon tea with their best friends with this tea set, featuring delicious treats like a sprinkled doughnut, a cupcake, and macaron, with tea served with a slice of lemon. So tasty!

  1. “It’s Time to Rake The Leaves”

Perfect for Fall, this set will let your fairies experience the season in all its glory. Spend the weekend raking some leaves. The set includes 400 colored leaves, a wooden leaf rake, and a bag, and a log.

  1. Fairy Garden Clothesline, Laundry Tub, and Pins

Sometimes, weekends are also for laundry! This super cute set features a fairy clotheslines that’s filled with fresh laundry that’s drying in the wind. It also features a four clothespins and a bucket and washboard for all the laundry that’s yet to be done!

  1. Fairy Garden Cake Slices, Miniature Food

During weekends, fairies love to bake sweet treats for their families. This gorgeous cake is just one sweet treat that our very talented fairy friends can come up with in the kitchen. Each cake slice has a beautiful rose on top and features a yellow cake and chocolate icing. So delectable!

  1. Fairy Garden Wine and Cheese Kit

Last but certainly not the least, we have this elegant wine and cheese kit that is great for celebrating anything, even the smallest things. This gorgeous set includes a bottle of wine, a wood slice/tray, a bunch of grapes, a piece of cheese, one knife, a loaf of bread, a pear, and a tweet tablecloth. Perfect for a Saturday night in, isn’t it?


Let us know your plans for the weekend and don’t forget the fairy garden events happening this month. We hope you enjoyed your weekend fairy garden inspiration. To check out the exciting fairy garden events happening this month, follow the link below. Have a magical weekend!

Upcoming Fairy Garden Events in October Photo by fairytalegardens on Instagram / Upcoming Fairy Garden Events in October

Upcoming Fairy Garden Events in October


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