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Sports Themed Fairy Garden

Fairies have gone back to school this Fall and that means they’ve also gone back to regularly participating in sports activities. Like us, fairies enjoy being active and playing in the fields. Whether it’s baseball, volleyball, and other sports activities, fairies are truly participative when it comes to the team and individual sports. Today, let’s discover the different sports themed fairy garden accessories that you can collect for your fairy friends.


 Sports Themed Fairy Garden

  1. Sports Fan Fairy Garden Boy with Baseball Cap, Ball, and Mitt

From Summer through Fall, fairies love to team up and play baseball with their dragon friends. They have a friendly competition with their fairy dragon friends, who also enjoy spending time under the sun, hitting home runs and playing in the fields. This little fairy boy is a sports enthusiast and loves to play catch as well.

  1. Baseball Dragon for Fairy Garden

Team Red is composed of this dragon and his other dragon friends! He and his pals enjoy getting competitive (in a totally friendly way!) with the other fairies. He’s ready to score with his baseball bat and baseball.

  1. Ice Skates, 2 Piece Set for Fairy Garden

This Winter, let your fairy friends enjoy the snow with this pair of ice skates! Featuring a gorgeous distressed look, this pair of skates looks like it has been used for many Winters skating in a nearby lake. It has a creamy off-white color and black sole and heel and green laces. Very stylish and season-appropriate!

  1. Miniature Soccer Net And Ball

Your sports themed fairy garden won’t be complete without this miniature soccer net and ball that your fairy friends will love to play with. It’s perfect for a fairy garden, miniature garden, or even a cake topper for your son’s birthday. So versatile!

  1. Fairy Garden Soccer Fairy with Ball, Sport Theme

Who says sports are only for boys? This fairy girl is often seen playing with her soccer ball that’s decorated with bright little butterflies. She loves beating the boys when it comes to soccer, her favorite sport! Watch her score against her fairy and pixie friends in the garden.

 Sports Themed Fairy Garden

  1. Miniature Field Goal With Football

For fairies who love sports, here’s another one they’ll truly enjoy. This field goal comes with a football so your fairy friends can play all afternoon! The field goal is crafted from metal with a base that’s surrounded by moss, perfect for your fairy garden. The football is crafted from clay.

  1. Miniature Basketball Net And Ball

Want to shoot some hoops with your fairy friends? This miniature basketball net and basketball will make afternoons very interesting with the fairies. They’ll team up against the pixies to play for the most points and compete for a tiny little fairy trophy. The basketball net is crafted from resin and metal, while the ball is made of clay.

  1. Sand Volleyball for Fairy Garden

If you have a beach-themed fairy garden, this will be a perfect addition to it. Beach volleyball is a fun activity that your fairy friends will enjoy. It’s perfect for summer fairy gardens or when your fairy friends go on a vacation! This item is made of resin.

  1. Golf Ball & Mini Club Set

This miniature golf ball and mini club are such a joy to look at! It is realistically crafted using metal and are perfect for fairy gardens that are lush with Irish moss, corsican mint, or baby tears.

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Croquet Set

Last but certainly not the least, we have this wood crafted, hand painted miniature croquet set that features delightful, beautiful detail! It is a charming addition to any sports themed fairy garden, especially for croquet enthusiasts.


We hope you enjoyed these fun ideas for a sports themed fairy garden. To keep up with the latest on all things fairy, make sure to visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We’ve also got more amazing fairy garden ideas for you, just follow the link below!

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