The Fairy Scoop: Mystery Halloween Fairy Garden Accessories

We are officially halfway through October and you know what that means—Halloween is merely two weeks away! Ahead of the exciting occasion, we’re bringing you some mystery Halloween fairy garden accessories to celebrate the season. These charming and spooky fairy garden accessories are great for honoring the holiday and adding a cryptic touch to your fairy garden.


Mystery Halloween Fairy Garden Accessories

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Halloween Haunted House

Right at the center of your Halloween fairy garden should stand this totally creepy Haunted House! Carefully crafted using weathered wood and rickety shingled, mossy roof top, this Haunted House is definitely a sight to behold! It features spiderwebs, a tombstone and coffin with a skeleton that has come alive, a Jack-O-Lantern, and a black cat creeping across the front lawn. Fair warning, there is a “Keep Out” sign out front. If you look closer through the windows, you may see a ghost, some skeletons, bat, and lots of blood too! The house also has a hole at the bottom so you can place a tealight to add an extra layer of creepy!

  1. Spooky Tree with Flashing Lights for Fairy Garden

Evil seems to be lurking in the fairy garden! This mysterious tree covered with roots and vines comes alive this Halloween with its three pumpkins held up by his creepy branches. The scary tree has a menacing face with a curved nose and grimacing mouth, which lights up when the switch is turned on. You can almost hear him cackling in the night when his face lights up!

  1. Fairy Garden Mini Halloween Skull Gate

Tread lightly across the fairy garden lest you want to wake up the dark spirits that’s fended off by this mysterious gate! This Halloween gate features three skulls, a tombstone, some bones, and a couple of spiderwebs. Totally creepy!

  1. Halloween Miniature Black Crow Raven Bird

Your mystery Halloween fairy garden accessories won’t be complete without these crows, which are menacingly watching over the Fall harvest. They are very sensitive to the presence of spirits and their appearance is often an omen.

  1. Bag of Bones Fairy Garden Accessory, 9 Piece Set

Add a touch of mystery and horror to your Halloween fairy garden with this “Bag of Bones,” literally! This skeleton set can be placed on the mossy ground of your fairy garden or against a haunted house. It can also be added to a graveyard scene or any spooky Halloween themed setting.

Mystery Halloween Fairy Garden Accessories

  1. Fairy Garden Halloween Frog, Witch, Hat, and Skull

Have a joyous Halloween with these charming little fairy garden accessories. The frog is channeling his inner witch by wearing a witch’s hat and holding a creepy skull. The wooden sign reads “Happy Halloween” and comes with an equally creepy tiny spider. This is best placed on the little white picket fences.

  1. Autumn Mushrooms for Halloween/Fall Fairy Garden

No fairy garden is quite complete without those charming toadstools. This Halloween, change up the toadstools to reflect the colors of the season. These toadstools are creatively crafted using polymer clay and include three coats of protective high gloss glaze, great for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes for a completely whimsical look and feel.

  1. Itsy Bitsy Spider Halloween Fairy Door

Fairy doors add a whimsical touch to any fairy garden. You never know what lies behind them! This Halloween, add mystery to your fairy garden with this fairy door with an itsy bitsy spider. This will surely keep some gnomes and pixies away.

  1. Spooktacular Fairy Halloween Party

Explore the fun side of Halloween with these charming little miniatures. This fun fairy table features a number of Halloween treats, including some lollipops, caramelized apples, candy corn, and other Halloween candy and treats. It also includes a skull fountain inspired by the candy skulls.

  1. Miniature Halloween Skulls Birdbath

This miniature birdbath is one of a kind because it features three little skulls and a mystical crow sitting on the brim. It’s a perfect addition to any Halloween themed fairy garden.


Enjoy the season with these mystery Halloween fairy garden accessories that will scare and fascinate! These fairy garden accessories are truly a joy to collect. Still want more? Check out more Halloween themed items in the link below.

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Halloween Themed Fairy Garden Accessories


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