Meet the Dragons Near and Far Around the Fairy Kingdom

Dragons are some of the fiercest and most magical creatures in the magical world. Fairies and other magical beings have plenty of respect for these incredible creatures, which are beings themselves. Every inch of them is loaded with enchantment, from their blazing eyes to their shining scales, and their famous breath of fire. Like fairy horses and fairies themselves, dragons come in all shapes and sizes, and all with different characteristics and affinities. Let’s meet some of them!

FG Feb 15 2019 1-51. The Guardian Blue Dragon

Dragons are famous for a number of things, and one of the things they are best known for is their being incredibly protective. This guardian dragon has a shield in his possession, showing that he’s a dragon that defends and protects. He’s a wonderful guardian for any fairy garden. Find him in the Fairy Garden.

2. The Dragon of the Orb

Among the things that dragons protect are treasures or magical artifacts. This beautiful dragon has been assigned to protect a shining, glowing orb of great magic. He’s the perfect guardian for it as he is magical himself, so he gains magic off that which he protects as well. You can find him in the Fairy Garden.

3. The Dragon Rider

Dragons can also be used to ride upon. Ones that are small enough to be used like flying steeds are the ride of choice for the most magical of fairies and the bravest of fairy knights as well. It takes a great deal of magic to be able to ride a dragon, so having a riding dragon in your garden is sure to invite very magical fairies! See the dragon and its rider in the Fairy Garden.

4. Opaline and the Water Dragon

It’s true that dragons tend to bond with that which they protect, but they also bond with beings that they feel are worthy of their friendship and magic. Opaline the Iridescent Water Fairy is such a wonderful fairy of the water that it’s no surprise that this water dragon has bonded with her! See them both at the Fairy Garden.

5. The Dragon Of Books

Books are also considered as treasure, especially if they’re full of magic and adventures. Rare books as these deserve an equally rare and enchanting guardian, and so a dragon can also be tasked to look after books! This reading dragon loves to read, adding to his wisdom, so you’re sure that he will protect the special books. See him at the Fairy Garden.

FG Feb 15 2019 6-106. Rex, the Green Dragon

Rex is another dragon that has a special assignment: he bestows bravery and courage to anyone that he bonds with, whether that person is an ordinary fairy or a great knight. Fierce and playful, he’s a wonderfully magical companion for anyone who is looking to add a bit more courage into themselves. Meet Rex at the Fairy Garden.

7. The Dragon Of Flowers

A garden is not a garden without flowers, so one can say that the treasures of a garden are its delicate, varying flowers. Dragons can also be assigned to protect such treasure, and dragons certainly will appreciate being surrounded by lovely blossoms! This Flower Dragon would be more than happy to look after a fairy garden. Meet him at Etsy.

8. The Great Green Dragon

In many fairytales, the dragons are green. That’s because green dragons derive their magic from nature, the most powerful kind of magic of all. Green dragons like this one possess a great power to look after nature and its territory within it, making him a friend to fairies who also tend to gardens and forests. Meet him at Etsy.

9. The Playful Red Dragon

Dragons can be quite fiery, but that’s because they’re also quite passionate creatures and beings. The red ones are feared in particular, but there’s nothing to fear from a dragon once you get to know them better. This particular red dragon enjoys playtime, and is friendly to everyone, including butterflies. Meet him at Etsy.

10. The Silvery Water Dragon

As mentioned before, dragons can also be found in the water! This lovely water dragon has a beautiful silvery sheen on his scales, and a pretty tail just like a fish. He makes an excellent companion for mermaids as he can swim along with them. And instead of breathing fire, he casts water! Meet him at Etsy.


There are so many more dragons in the fairy world. They’re all beautiful, magical, but above all, they’re loyal and protective over the special people that bond with them. They’re the ideal addition to any fairy garden.


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