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Fairy Garden Bonfires to Keep Fairies Warm

If you love the outdoors, you’re probably familiar with how bonfires work. During the Fall season, bonfires are used to keep warm, especially while camping. But bonfires have more use than just keeping us warm. In fact, in Europe, it’s traditionally used in various celebrations, including the solemnity of John the Baptist on January 16, the celebration of St. John’s Day in Spain, and the recent Guy Fawkes Night on November 5 in Great Britain. Today, let’s find out more about fairy garden bonfires to keep fairies warm and to celebrate various occasions.


Fairy Garden Bonfires

  1. Miniature Camp Fire Pit Fairy Garden Bonfire

Did you know that the term “Bonfire Night” refers to various annual celebrations around the world that’s characterized by bonfires and fireworks? In Fairyland, bonfires are also lit in celebration of different occasions such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, or simply for a gathering of fairies at camp.

  1. Miniature Camping Thermos Coffee Carafe

Speaking of fairy camp, your fairy camp won’t be complete without some camping supplies such as this camping thermos or coffee carafe to keep their beverages warm. It’s delicately made with a wooden base and features a plaid design.

  1. Miniature 2-Piece Sleeping Bag Set Camping Accessory

Your fairy friends will need these sleeping bags while camping in the fairy garden! These sleeping bags feature a beautiful blue color with plaid print and burlap bows. Perfect for camping in this Fall weather!

  1. Fairy Garden Campfire

Check out this dainty fairy garden campfire that features intricate detail! It features tiny logs, some stones, and moss that make for a great addition to any fairy garden. Fairies will love gathering around this camp fire to roast marshmallows and tell stories.

  1. Native American Inspired Miniature Light-up Campfire for Fairy Garden

Designed with some rocks and carefully cut out sticks around a tealight, this Native American inspired campfire is a delight for fairies. Lakota families residing in the Dakotas depended on fires to provide warmth during winter and to cook food every day. It was often placed at the center of a tee pee. Recreate history with this dainty little campfire for your garden.

Fairy Garden Bonfires

  1. Miniature Bonfire/Campfire

Imagine a fairy woodland forest lit up by this tiny bonfire. Here, fairies gather every night to tell stories of their adventures in faraway lands. It is their time to bond with their fairy friends and share knowledge on legends and stories passed down from their fairy ancestors.

  1. Faery Campfire with Tripod and Cooking Pot

This enchanting bonfire comes with a tripod and cooking pot, so your fairies can enjoy camping out! The acorn cooking pot is suspended from a twig tripod and hangs over some vibrant orange flames made of Chinese lantern pods.

  1. Fairy Garden Fire Pit Woodland Camping

There’s lots of great detail in this whimsical fire pit. This little bonfire has a tea light at the center of it so you can light it up at night. It’s handmade with moss and wood and features natural wood branches, assorted preserved mosses, and rainbow glitter flakes.

  1. Miniature Fairy Garden Campfire

This charming little campfire is carefully crafted using polymer clay. It’s perfect for roasting marshmallows as the fairies enjoy the sunset in the afternoons. The outer ring of stones are separated form the log and flame. Very dainty, indeed!

  1. Fairy Campfire Fire Pit

This truly one of a kind campfire sits upon a log with lots of moss and florals. It’s carefully crafted with stick, rock, moss, and artificial flowers on a bed of natural bark. It can easily lure fairies to stay for a while on those chilly Fall evenings.


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