The Cutest Fairy Garden Toadstools

Fairy gardens have a lot of magical elements to them. From fairies to plants and other miniatures, fairy gardens truly come alive with these accessories. One of the accessories you can add to any fairy garden to make it more whimsical is a toadstool. Toadstools are often mistaken for mushrooms, but they are in fact the spore-producing part of a fungus. They are called toadstools because it looks like a comfortable spot for toads to sit on! Let’s check out some of the cutest fairy garden toadstools you can add to your miniature garden.


The Cutest Fairy Garden Toadstools

  1. Mad Hatter Fairy Garden Mushrooms Set of 3 Garden Toadstools

Add a unique, whimsical touch to your fairy garden with these miniature toadstools that are crafted from non-toxic polymer clay. Perfect for placing beside a fairy house or near some fairy furniture, this set of three garden toadstools are colored bright red and have white polka dots. Truly magical, indeed!

  1. Fairy Garden Mushrooms or Toadstools, Set of 6

Toadstools can come in a number of colors! In fact, this collection comes in a six magical colors! Each set features bright yellow, bright orange, hot pink, bright green, bright turquoise and violet purple toadstools for the more eclectic fairy gardens that are inspired by Flower Power!

  1. Fairy Garden Mushrooms, Set of 4 Short Woodland Handmade

To add a more natural look to your fairy garden, get these whimsical fairy garden toadstools that are made of non-toxic polymer clay. They come in a gorgeous natural brown color with white stems and floral wire stems for easy installation. Great for placing near or around miniature plant and flowers.

  1. Glass Fairy Garden Toadstool

Your potted plants and miniature fairy garden plants will look more vibrant with these mushrooms that are expertly crafted using a flame torch and glass. They come in four different colors, such as red, orange, blue, or purple and each have a white polka dots or a cute ladybug on it. It also comes with a spike for easy installation wherever you want them!

  1. Handcrafted Fairy Garden Toadstools in Wasabi Green

These unique toadstools are lovingly handcrafted sing polymer clay and come in a super cute wasabi color that will compliment your fairy garden. No two are alike as they are delicately handcrafted. Your fairy friends will be lured by its whimsical beauty.

The Cutest Fairy Garden Toadstools

  1. Toadstools for Fairy Garden

For a classic whimsical look, go for these oddly shaped toadstools that come in a red and white color. It features different shapes, with no two pieces alike. Perfect for adding a touch of magic to your fairy garden.

  1. Plum Fairy Toadstools (Set of 4)

Whether it’s for your potted plants or fairy garden, these plum fairy toadstools call to mind a fairy woodland forest where magical beings come alive. This set of four is lovingly hand sculpted, hand painted, and hand glazed for a truly unique toadstool every time.

  1. 3 Green Swirl Fairy Toadstools

Here’s a unique toadstool that looks like none other. It features swirls instead of polka dots for a fresher, more eye-catching appearance. It also includes a sturdy twisted wire so you can readily insert it into pots or the ground.

  1. 3 Orange Swirly Fairy Toadstools

These orange toadstools feature a delicate swirl on the top and on its stem. It has a dainty orange and peachy color that’s one of a kind. It is made with polymer clay and has a stake so you can easily move it around pots or in your fairy garden.

  1. Set of 6 Christmas Fairy Garden Mushrooms Gnome Toadstool

These tiny toadstools are perfect for any Christmas-themed fairy garden! It features a beautiful mix of holiday colors like red, green, and white. Add some Christmas cheer with these charming little toadstools that calls to mind cool winter days and warm holiday celebrations with the family.


We hope you enjoyed this list of cutest fairy garden toadstools! For more fairy garden accessories and inspiration, check out the link below and don’t forget to bookmark Teelie’s Fairy Garden for great deals!

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