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Music festivals have long been part of our culture as art-loving people. After all, music is one of the most accessible forms of art. In the world of fairies, music festivals are also a great way to pass the time. Fairies gather in celebration and enjoy activities at the fair, while musician fairies perform. Today, we’re listing down some of the fairy garden music festival accessories that can help make your scene come alive!


Fairy Garden Music Festival

  1. Fairy Garden Fairy Sign Banner

To welcome the fairies to your fair or music festival, make sure you have this fairy sign up front. This will help them find your way to the festival grounds. This delightful little sign is made of metal and features fun, bright colors that call to mind fun activities at the fair.

  1. Festive Banner for Fairy Garden

No fairy garden music festival will be complete without these charming little festive banners. These colorful banners feature different prints on each pennant, providing a truly whimsical look and feel for your fairy garden music festival. You can choose between 5, 7, or 9 flag banners too!

  1. Fairy Garden Ticket Booth and Fairy

As your fairies enter the festival grounds, make sure they drop by the ticket booth! This ticket booth set features a fairy who’s ready to give out tickets for those who are interested in attending the fairy or music festival. The boot is made of metal while the fairy is made of resin. The fairy also includes a stake on one foot for easy installation.

  1. Fairy Garden Mini Fairytale Stage and Theater Sign

A festival won’t be complete without a stage. This dainty little theater stage is where fairies will showcase their talents, whether it’s singing, acting, or dancing. It features a rustic woodland design with leaf detailing and a sign that reads “Show time at sunset rain or shine no cameras.”

  1. Miniature Garden Fairy with Guitar

This little fairy is ready to take the stage! She is a laid back fairy who enjoys singing and playing the guitar for her fairy friends. She is dressed in her favorite blue garb and is accompanied by her little guitar. She’s ready to sing some tunes this afternoon until the sun comes down!

Fairy Garden Music Festival

  1. Polynesian Hula Girl Fairy, Miniature Hawaii Island Fairies

This amazing Polynesian fairy has traveled far and wide just to perform at the fairy garden music festival! She is dressed in her traditional Hula outfit and is wearing a lei and Hula skirt. She also has a flower in her gorgeous black hair. Fairies will love getting to see her perform her native songs and dance numbers.

  1. Miniature Gnome with Musical Instruments

Fairies are not the only performers at the fairy garden music festival as this band of brothers are showcasing their talents, too! These four charmers each play different musical instruments like a fiddle, mushroom drums, a trumpet, and sticks. Together, they make beautiful music that fairies, gnomes, and woodland creatures truly enjoy.

  1. Miniature Cute Band Rabbits

Speaking of woodland creatures, these tiny tykes are also coming out to play some music at the festival. Each rabbit specializes in different instruments. Choose from the band lead singer rabbit, dance rabbit, guitar bunny, violin bunny, flute bunny, Saxophone bunny, or get all six to complete the band!

  1. Fairy Sheila Playing Piano for Fairy Garden

Meet Fairy Sheila, a piano-playing fairy who travels far and wide to share her music! A highly acclaimed pianist, Sheila often draws large crowds made up of fairies, elves, and gnomes. She is often the main attraction in many fairy garden music festivals. She always has her baby grand piano with her, which is made of giant redwood tree. She also has her sheet music with her.

  1. Fairy Garden Miniature Tiny Hedgehog Plays the Cello

Last but certainly not the least is this classically trained hedgehog who is a very talented cello player. He enjoys playing music for his fairy and woodland friends, who always have a good time whenever he performs.


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