The Best of Fairy Garden Valentines Items

Valentine’s Day is here! And it’s time to have a look at some of the best Valentines items in the fairy kingdom. Some incredibly enchanting Valentine’s Day dates have blossomed up in the fairy world for the big day of hearts. They’re breathtaking scenes that have taken long hours to prepare from the finest craftsmen in the kingdom. Have a look at some of the fairy kingdom’s most romantic Valentine’s items and scenes where fairies will be celebrating the day of love in:

FG Feb 14 2019 1-21. Sweet Fairy Cupcakes for Two

A romantic Valentines date for two should come with sugary treats to share. Full of Valentines items to truly make a romantic date memorable, the magical set has cupcakes, delicious cream-topped coffees, candy hearts and more. Learn more about the whole set at Etsy.

2. Sweet Teddy Bear Love

Teddy bears are some of the most popular Valentines items to gift and receive, and the fairies taking part in this sweet date will get the company of one! With delicious heart shaped macarons, pink flowers, and even a fluffy bunny for company, it’s a very adorable Valentines date. See it at Etsy.

FG Feb 14 2019 3-43. Be Mine Coffee Date

Fairies are building up the courage to say “be mine” to their special someone with this assortment of Valentines items. It’s got everything they need for an enchanting romance: cups of coffee, delicious cupcakes and blossoming flowers. It’s a wonderful way to woo! See the set at Etsy.

4. Valentine’s Day Tea for Two

Tea parties are a very elegant way to enjoy a romantic deal with a magical special someone. Full of spellbinding Valentines items such as heart cocoas, candy hearts, a beautifully decorated cake heaped with flowers, it’s a soothing and romantic date. Get it at Etsy.

FG Feb 14 2019 55. Valentine’s Rose Fairy Cake Date

Exquisite fairy cakes are some of the most highly sought after Valentines items in the fairy world. Fairies love sugary sweets and romance, and this date features a gorgeously magical cake. It’s just the scene to set for fairies who want a day full of beautiful sweets and magical moments. See it at Etsy.

Even more magical, spellbinding Valentines items await fairies! Beyond these bright, romantic scenes, there are even more lovely ornate items full of enchanting romance. Romantic items aren’t just for Valentine’s Day; these pretty presents are fit for expressing love in more ways throughout the year.

FG Feb 14 2019 6-76. Books of Love

These miniature books of love are ideal for the beloved fairy who just loves to read. Perhaps their special someone is a Keeper of the Royal Library or the owner of a fairy bookshop? The words of love written on the page will last a lifetime, just like all fairy tales. Find these books in Etsy.

7. A Hutch Full of Love

This shelf is just loaded with Valentine’s items to see and share. Any fairy would be thrilled to receive a cupboard just full of charming presents, spellbinding sugary sweets, and so much more! See it in Etsy.

FG Feb 14 2019 8-108. The Table Heaped with Hearts

For this day full of hearts, why not fill a grand table with gorgeous Valentine’s items and sweets? Lollipops, cakes, candies, banners, cards, and so much more, all covered with hearts. It’s a romantic corner for that most beloved fairy. See it in Etsy.

9. A Basket Cake for Valentines

Delicious delights are a specialty in the world of fairies. Tempting treats like cakes are always so incredibly enchanted and magical. This rare basket-shaped cake is heaped with the most ornate Valentine’s items crafted in sugar, and is a treat for the eyes as well as the mouth. See it in Etsy.

10. Heart Shaped Valentines Cakes

No Valentines is complete without delicious cakes to share with the one that makes everyday magical. These heart shaped cakes in pink or red are so preciously decorated with silvery hearts and tiny flowers. It’s the perfect centerpiece to any romantic date, not just Valentines. See it in Etsy.

All of these romantic things are perfect not just for Valentines, but for every moment you want to celebrate love in.

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