What a Hoot! A Rose Fairy Cake Valentine Set

More and more magical scenery are appearing in the fairy kingdom, with one Valentine set after another being unveiled, much to the delight of fairies and humans alike. With the most captivating cakes, blissfully warm beverages, precious pastries, and delightful dining companions. Among the most spellbinding of the Valentine sets is this beautiful Rose Fairy Cake set, with an indulgent pastry showpiece. It even comes along with some very unique dining companions to join the lovers enjoying the sweet treats.

fg feb 11 2019 image 1This scene showcases the loveliest tea set accompanied by a scrumptious cake for a pair of lovers to enjoy. Covered with hearts, sweets, and fluff, it’s one of the loveliest Valentine sets you will ever see. It’s just so fitting for one of the fairy world’s most celebrated days. The entire set can be found in Etsy, and contains numerous enchanting features:

fg feb 11 2019 image 11. The Rose Fairy Cake

The cooks and bakers of the fairy kingdom had worked their sweet magic tirelessly to create such beautiful pastries and cakes for one Valentine set after another, and this set has a piece de resistance: a breathtaking white cake covered in fondant and ribbon, topped with a heap of pink roses in full bloom. As the centerpiece of the entire set, it immediately hypnotizes the onlooker with its loveliness and is the perfect center for the set. It can be found in Etsy.

2. Plaid Candy Heart and Sprinkles

All over the table are the most delectable little candy hearts. Sweets are a famous specialty in the fairy kingdom, where the tooth fairy isn’t the only one kept busy by sugar. They have the most magical taste, bringing immediate joy to everyone who puts them to their lips. These heart shaped candies in this Valentine set in particular are special, particularly the giant plaid one, which casts a small love spell. Whoever eats them will receive the happiness you feel when in love. Such ideal candies are included in the set at Etsy.

3. Heart-covered Teacups

The Valentine set also includes a pair of beautifully crafted teacups, with their own matching saucers, all of them covered in scarlet hearts. Fitting the Valentine theme perfectly, they’re fit for the fairy couple looking to enjoy some warm drinks (perhaps a bubbling pot of flower tea, some warm, winter cocoa, or even a perky cup of coffee) along with a piece of the delicious cake. Fairy drinks are known to drink special beverages laced with some wonderful potions to make them even more magical. So these cups are the perfect means to celebrate with some fairy brew. They come with the set at Etsy.

fg feb 11 2019 4-64. The Charming Cake Stand

This Valentine set makes sure that the beautiful centerpiece stands out above the rest. Quite literally: it features a lovingly crafted cake stand. The fairy world sees their Valentine’s Day treats as something extra special. So it just makes perfect sense to add a lovely cake stand to show off one of the most beautiful cakes in the whole fairy kingdom! The stand comes with the set at Etsy.

5. Valentines Placemats

What Valentine’s set would be complete without some lovely placemats to tie in everything to the Valentine’s theme? There’s one for both members of the couple, all red and pink and covered in hearts. Set beneath the fairy cake, tiny teacups and fairy candies, they look perfectly picturesque. From the moment you see the set in full Valentine’s grandeur, you really just want to sit down and enjoy the delicious treats! The placemats come with the set at Etsy.

6. The Brown Owl

Owls are one of the wisest magical creatures around the fairy world. They’re knowledgeable but curious, and many fairies enjoy their company to hear some of their wise thoughts and charming hoots. This owl will sit by the fairy couple this Valentine day, dispensing good advice on how to treat each other well, how to make their love magic grow, and how they can continue to be happy for years to come. Such a special guest is always welcome at any fairy Valentine’s set, including this one at Etsy.


This incredible fairy scene comes complete in Etsy. It’s sure to attract every fairy in the woods with its magical treats and dazzling colors. It’ll sure be a hoot to have such a special date ready for this Valentine’s day, with everything needed already laid out!


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