Cupcakes, Cream, and Coffee: Sweet Fairy Cupcakes for Two

Sweets are everywhere in the scenery as Valentines Day draws ever closer. One of the loveliest little scenes you’ll lay eyes on in preparation for the day of hearts is a coffee set topped with plenty of cream and served with delicious fairy cupcakes. The Fairy Kingdom has been bringing out the very best of its items for lovers all over the world. Fairy couples are certainly hoping that this day of days is a memorable one for their special someone.

FG feb 7 2019 primary displayThe ideal fairy date is full of sweetness, hearts, and colors. That’s why this beautiful scene of sweet fairy cupcakes for two is the perfect addition to any fairy garden looking to host some fairies on their Valentine’s Day date. Have a look at what’s inside this set, available in Etsy:

FG feb 7 2019 1-21. Swirling Sweet Fairy Cupcakes

The main pieces of this scene are the most beautiful fairy cupcakes. Bright pink, covered with pale pink icing and glitters, with pearly sprinkles, and topped with a scarlet heart, they’re the most fitting cupcakes for the occasion. Each fairy in the date gets one, and they get to enjoy this lusciously detailed treat as they giggle over their cups. Both cupcakes come with the set at Etsy.

2. Charming Cappuccino Cups

Sugary treats like those sweet fairy cupcakes are best eaten while sipping from a delicious cup of cappuccino. This Valentine’s Day date comes with two rich cups of coffee sweetness, topped with generous swirls of whipped cream.  There is even a little pink sugary heart to add a little extra accent to the delicious drinks. They’re warm and perfect for a date with that special someone. The set comes with two cups in Etsy.

FG feb 7 2019 3-43. Beautiful Bellflowers

Next to the set is a blue and white pot from which some enchanted pink bellflowers sit. Bell-shaped flowers come in all colors, from pink foxgloves, rosy campanulas, to bluebells that we all know. These special flowers, also known as fairy caps, are always a part of the magic of fairies, and this are some of the most perfect blossoms to add to your Valentine’s day fairy cupcake date. The pot of flowers comes with the set in Etsy.

4. Pink Flower Placemats

This scene wouldn’t be complete without a pair of pink-patterned placemats to set beneath the cups and plates. After all, they tie the whole theme of Valentine’s Day together with their pink and red shades, covered in hearts and speckles. You won’t have to worry about sticky fingers leaving cupcake crumbs on the table! The placemats come with the set at Etsy.

FG feb 7 2019 5-65. Heart Shaped Plate

When serving such romantic treats like these fairy cupcakes, they should always come on a heart-shaped plate. Carefully made by fairy hands, they likely hold another enchantment that keep the cupcakes delicious, as though they had come out of the oven, and retain that taste for ever more. Just the perfect plate to fall in love to! The plate comes with the set in Etsy.

6. Candy Hearts and Sprinkles

As a final, magical sprinkle to the whole scene, candy hearts and heart confetti are all over the table. Candy hearts are great for tossing into the cappuccino if it’s not sweet enough for the taste, or even just for munching afterward. In addition, the sprinkling of shiny confetti makes sure that this fairy cupcake set is appropriately celebratory for the day of hearts. They come with the set in Etsy.

Set the table and allow everyone in the Fairy Kingdom to enjoy such a deliciously warm and sugary date with these fairy cupcakes for two. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to present the fairies with a memorable date with a special someone this Valentine’s Day. Grab the scene at Etsy, and fill the air with sweetness and coffee!


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