Teddies and Bunnies: A Fluffy Fairy Garden Valentine Set

Valentine’s Day becomes sweeter and more romantic with the addition of some delicious treats, hot drinks, and fluffy friends. Fairies have been preparing steadily for the big day, with each Valentine set more romantic than the last as everyone aimed to bring so much love and happiness on the day of hearts. This unique set brings its own brand of fairy magic. It’s a coffee set for two that brings in two wonderful friends with it: A lovely teddy bear holding a heart, and a shy little brown bunny looking to share some Valentine’s magic.

FG Feb 8 2019 headerThis adorable scene is just the thing for fairies who just love things that are bright and cute. From the flowered cake to the cuddly companions, from the hot drinks to the sweet treats, it’s a Valentine set that no one can resist. Have a look at what’s in store in Etsy.

FG Feb 8 2019 1-21. A Tender Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are one of the most popular among romantic gifts. Thousands of them spring up around Valentine’s Day. This sweet little bear sits at the scene holding a precious red heart, ready to give it to a very special fairy who deserves a lot of love this day. As one of the centerpieces of the scene, he’ll be so delightful to cuddle as the couple enjoys their date. He comes with the set in Etsy.

2. Fairy Lilies

Lilies have always been considered as one of the most famous flowers of romance. They’re seen in bouquets of brides and are considered as a flower that represents beauty and devotion. These fairy lilies, pink and white and shaped like stars, make the perfect decorative touch to add to such a splendid Valentine set. The pot of lilies is part of the set in Etsy.

FG Feb 8 2019 3-43. Peppy Peppermint Coffees

All this excitement is developing in the Fairy Kingdom as the day of hearts approaches. The drinks served in this Valentine set fit in perfectly to the thought. The peppermint cups of coffee have the cool tang of mint to offset the richness of the coffee and complement the sweetness of the swirls of cream on top. These coffee cups with the peppermint sticks sit on red heart cups and saucers, casting a love spell with every sip. The cups come with the set in Etsy.

4. Snowy Macarons

Delicious heart-shaped macarons are waiting in this Valentine’s set. Snowy white vanilla with berry-loaded crème stuffed in between, each one is a bite designed to make you fall in love. Macarons are quite an elegant and sophisticated dessert to enjoy. It’s yet another way to make this scene so much more special and fitting for lovers. The macarons come in a pair with the set in Etsy.

FG Feb 8 2019 5-7

5. Pretty Periwinkles

A cluster of tiny pink flowers is laid out on the table, bedecking the scene with a floral note. They look like tiny periwinkles, which are a symbolic of affection and blossoming relationships. Whether this will be a Valentine’s Day for a couple or best friends, the sweet little flowers will be a welcome sight that adds color to the table. They come with the set in Etsy.

6. Candy Hearts

This Valentine set also comes with a sprinkling of little candy hearts in pink and white. The couple enjoying this date could toss them into their coffee, top their whipped cream with it, or just munch away as they talk. They’re a sweet nibble to add to the entire scene. They’ll be with the set in Etsy.

FG Feb 8 2019 7-87. Bashful Brown Bunny

Speaking of nibbles, a fluffy companion joins the fairy lovers in this Valentine set. A beautiful brown bunny is sitting nearby, curiously sniffing the macarons, the coffee, and the flowers. Bunnies are warm and soothing and they put anyone cuddling them immediately at ease. Maybe she would love a bit of candy heart to munch on as the fairies enjoy their treat. See her with the set in Etsy.

8. Hearts, Hugs, and Kisses

Tying the whole set together is a pair of placemats that come with the set. With red hearts on a pink field or a pale pink field covered in “xoxo”, they shout out love from the first glance. They’re the ideal placemats not just to decorate onto the set but also adds to the overall harmony of the entire Valentine’s scene. The placemats come with the set at Etsy.

Bring in this set into the Fairy Garden and let the fairies enjoy such delicious treats in the company of such a cute bear and a sweet little bunny. It’s sure to be one of the most adorable Valentine’s dates you’ll ever see. Get the whole Valentine set at Etsy.


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