Fairy Scoop: Tea for Two: Fairy Garden Tea Set for Valentine’s Day

This week’s Fairy Scoop brings you a brand new scene out of the Fairy Garden. With Valentine’s Day coming up in just over a week, many fairies have begun to prepare for romantic dates and delicious treats. Everywhere you look, fairies flit here and there making sure they get to spend the day with their special someone in the most perfect way. This brand new fairy garden tea set, set for two, with romantic tea cups and delicious cupcakes would be just the thing to bring a brand new love spell into a fairy couple’s date.

FG feb 6 2019 HEADER1

This rare and one-of-a-kind scene is one of the sweetest and most tranquil ways to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day in anyone’d fairy garden. It’s full of everything the date will need, from the sweets, to drinks, and even companions. Make sure to pick it up at Etsy.

FG feb 6 2019 1-21. Sweet Cocoa

This fairy garden tea set serves up two beautiful ceramic cups filled with delicious cocoa. It’s full of fairies’ favorite blend of rich chocolate, as carefully approved by Bubba the Head Candy taster. It’s topped with a heart shaped out of milk or cream. Set at the table, this delicious chocolate gives the rush of feeling in love with every sip. You get two cups in the set in Etsy.

2. Sweetheart’s Rose Cake

What goes best with a delicious cup of cocoa? A slice of fluffy, spongy cake! This fairy tea set has a beautiful square-shaped cake frosted in white and adorned with the loveliest pink and white roses. More than any bouquet, anyone’s fairy sweetheart would love receiving a cake as delicious looking at this one, with so much love having gone into its preparation. The cake is part of the set in Etsy.

FG feb 6 2019 343. Hearts, Hearts, and Hearts

There’s more than just cake to munch on during in this wonderful fairy tea set. Along with the cake is a pair of bright pink, heart shaped cookies, and looking as though they were little Valentines themselves. They’re fit for dipping into the cocoa for an extra treat. Sprinkled all over the table are tiny candy hearts in various colors; the after tea mints or just another yummy snack. They’ll look very pretty with the heart-patterned placemats laid beneath, in shades of pink and red.  All of these pretty hearts come with the set in Etsy.

4. Second Helpings

Just one cup couldn’t possibly enough. When a fairy is sitting there, spellbound by their special someone’s voice as they chatted over tea, just one cup just won’t do. That’s why a lovely little teapot with a Valentine’s heart is waiting on the tray. Second helpings for everyone dining on this fairy garden tea set, and they can enjoy another hot cup of drink as they talk. The teapot is part of the set in Etsy.

FG feb 6 2019 565. Beautiful Little Bunny

A fluffy friend has come to keep the fairies company in this scene. An adorable little woodland bunny, tawny and curious, can be found nearby. He seems to be quite interested in the delicious looking cake and the candies. Warm and soothing, the bunny makes the atmosphere a little calmer, a little tenderer, and so much more idyllic. The bunny comes with the set in Etsy.

6. Royal Pansies

Next to the whole fairy garden tea set is a potted plant from white flowering pansies bloom. These lovely flowers look as though they had been plucked straight from the gardens of the fairy King and Queen, all golden with accents of purple. It’s an elegant touch to the entire tea set. The flowers come with the set in Etsy.

This beautifully intricate and fairy garden tea set is fit for a Valentine’s Day date in the afternoon, with the golden lances of the sun filtering through the trees as the fairies enjoy their hot drink. It’s hard to imagine anything more soothing and tranquil as this, enjoying delicious treats and a hot cup of drink with the one you love the most. Make sure to get the set right at Etsy.

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