Enchanted Eight: Fluttering Flower Fairies

This week’s Enchanted Eight brings us to a lovely little village among the flowers, where a group of fairies live and enjoy living out their days amidst the blossoms. It’s summer, after all, and their village is in full bloom. Even the fairies themselves seem to be blooming, with their petal-colored wings and clothing in the same soft shades as the flowers all around them. They are hard to spot, blending in so well with the leaves and flowers that discovering them is magical in itself!

As fairy friends entrusted with meeting these lovely little fairies, let’s go ahead and see what they’re up to today!

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1. The Fairy and Her Bunny

As we make our way through the village, we come across this beautiful little fairy. Her lacy wings are pale green as tea leaves, and her skirt is as soft as lotus leaves. In her arms, she’s cuddling her most beloved magical bunny. Fairies often take on the care of magical little pets, much tinier than the usual size of the animals we see. The pets help them with their magic and errands for the day. Meet them at the Fairy Garden.

2. Bubble Bath for an Enchanted Eight Fairy!

Fairies enjoy a nice warm bath too! This fairy has got her very own bathtub made out of a big leaf. Honey and nectar and flower perfumes fill the air as she enjoys the bubbles of her bath. She’ll come out smelling of all the flowers that surround her home, wafting that fragrance with every beat of her little wings! Meet her in the Fairy Garden.

3. The Songbird Fairy

A sweet fairy is seated on a little hill in the garden. If you listen, you’ll hear her sweet little voice sounding over the breeze, singing a lovely summer harmony. Accompanying her wonderful song is the little songbird that she holds in her hands. The two of them love to add to the melodies of the garden and the forest, making their own music. Meet them in Amazon.

4. Gathering Flowers in the Fairy Garden

It’s a busy day for this fairy. Her green wings keep her inconspicuous among the flowers as she picks up the littlest ones, filling her basket. The flowers will be used for everything; from fairy potions to decorating fairy homes. She seeks out the most magical and fragrant ones, and always makes sure to gather some of them every day that summer is here. Meet her in the Fairy Garden.

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5. The Flute Fairy

Music is flowing through the wind, along with the songbird fairy’s song. This flutist is sitting on a tree branch, playing her little flute. Fairy flutes tend to be enchanted most of the time—like mermaid’s songs, they can be hypnotic. Fairy music tends to soothe all those who hear it, lulling them and allowing them to abandon their cares simply relax. Anyone would love to hear this fairy play on her flute. Meet her in the Fairy Garden.

6. The Curious Boy

You might notice that a little blue-winged fairy boy is sitting on the grass, curiously watching everyone. He is done with his work for the morning, and is simply waiting for an opportunity wherein he could help the other fairies out on their daily work, should they need any. But for now, he’s quite content to relax under the summer sun and enjoy himself. Meet him in the Fairy Garden.

7. The Boy’s Fairy Sister

Next to the fairy boy is his twin sister. Like him, her wings are a brilliant blue, like the color of periwinkle petals. Like him, she is reclined on the grass and relaxing, having completed their errands for the day. Perhaps the two of them will fly off elsewhere to play, or look after some work that needs to be done in the afternoon. But for now, she’s enjoying the sun, just like him. Meet her in the Fairy Garden.

8. The Surprised Fairy

It looks like our visit has caught a fairy’s attention! And she’s quite surprised to see us! She will be enjoying another surprise soon: dressed in her prettiest bougainvillea-pink frock, she’s off to a party. But she probably doesn’t know that the party is especially for her! She’ll certainly be making that surprised face again quite soon, once she figures it out. Meet her in the Fairy Garden.

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