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Shining, Shimmering Unicorn Jewelry

Unicorns have been a source of fascination and inspiration to so many lovers of fairies and fantasy all over the world. These elusive, enchanting creatures that are famed in myth and legend have always been the source of the most incredible magic. They are exceedingly rare and pure, and they only trust those with equally pure hearts and intentions. Unicorns also represent strength, for unicorn magic is one of the strongest when it comes to hope, love, and life.

So why not take the magic of unicorns with you by wearing some beautifully enchanting unicorn jewelry? Add these marvelous pieces to your outfit, both casual and formal, and become inspired by the everlasting shining magic of these elegant, enchanting creatures.

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1. Unicorn Horn Necklace

Let’s begin with the most magical aspect of the unicorn: its long, silvery, twisting horn. The horn of the unicorn is one of the most powerful items in the whole magical world. It’s immediately identifiable, and is the symbol of the unicorn itself. They say that this majestic silvery horn can cure poisons and bring long life to who owns it. Get this horn pendant at Etsy.

2. Unicorn Stencil Bracelet or Anklet

Cast some unicorn magic when you flick your wrists or skip in your step with these beautiful gold and silver pieces. The outline of the unicorn is the charm on the bracelet, which can also be used as an anklet for some special shine this summer! It’s an eyecatching piece and sure to attract other unicorn lovers. Get them at Etsy.

3. Geometric Crystal Unicorn

This is a unique unicorn piece that you can wear even during a fancy cocktail party. The unicorn, in all its geometric fractals, looks almost like a piece of crystal. With its wings in full extension, it’s just about ready to take flight from your pendant. With such a stunning statement piece of jewelry, fill yourself with confidence and take flight yourself. Get it at Etsy.

4. Opal Unicorn Earrings

Feel up to wearing a little magical iridescence? These lovely unicorn stud earrings are of soft rose gold and shimmering opals, just like the rippling mane of a unicorn. They’ll twinkle brightly in the light and certainly wink a little bit of magic in your direction when you wear them for the day. Get the earrings at Amazon.

5. Unicorn Shoelace Charms

Unicorns as swift of feet, galloping through the forest like silvery streaks of magic. And when the winged unicorns spread their wings, they truly take flight. Put some unicorn magic on every step and be just as fleet of feet as the unicorns with these adorable shoelace charms! Lace them through your shoes to give ordinary sneakers an extra little kick! Get them at Etsy.

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1. Best Unicorn Friends Forever!

This is a wonderful piece of jewelry to share with someone extra special: a sibling or a best friend! Two pendants each have the colorful cameo of a unicorn, and the pendants come together to form a single heart. It’s just the thing to share between two best friends who love the magic of unicorns and want to always have that special bond between them. Get it at Amazon.

2. The Hidden Message Cuff

This silver wrist cuff may seem to me a subtle piece of jewelry to wear, with only a pair of twin unicorns engraved into either end. But there’s a special, hidden message within it, and you’ll only see it if you peer into its underside. “She was born to ride with unicorns,” it says, as the perfect magical prophecy for any girl who dreams to racing the forests with their unicorns. Get it at Amazon.

3. Unicorn Rainbow Wristband

This is definitely a unicorn bracelet that fulfills all the brilliant colorful magic that unicorns inspire! It’s a thick wristband made of a variety of weaves and an array of bright colors. Along with the silvery rearing unicorn charm, it has an infinity charm, symbolizing an eternal love of these magical unicorns. It’s just the thing to wear to a party or a festival! Get it at Amazon.

4. The Regal Unicorn Ring

Handcrafted and made of sterling silver, this is the type of unicorn ring you would expect to see straight out of a storybook. It features the head of a silver unicorn, surrounded by a briar of flowers. It’s a showcase ring that you can wear to formal moments, or maybe just to accentuate your own personal style with unicorn magic. Get it at Etsy.

5. The Regal Unicorn Ear Cuff

Pair the ring with this beautiful matching ear cuff, featuring a unicorn also wreathed by briars of flowers. Not everyone may think to wear an ear cuff in place of earrings, but with a touch of unicorn magic as elegant and as beautiful as this one, you would definitely want to add such a stunning element of fantasy into your attire! See it at Etsy.

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