Enchanted Suitcase Fairy Gardens

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It’s a magical time in Fairy Land. On this week’s enchanted adventure through Teelie’s Fairy Garden, we’re going to be sharing some incredible fairy gardens with you which have been created using suitcases as the choice of container to build your garden in. Perhaps you’re feeling a bit skeptical about whether or not this can work when you usually associate travel and not fairy gardens with your suitcase? Well, come along with us. We have the proof to share with you.

fairy garden

The Art in Life Suitcase Fairy Garden

Magical Suitcase Fairy Garden

The Art in the Life blog post shares numerous fairy garden ideas that you will love including one that features a suitcase as part of the design. We love all the lights that are included in this garden. The stunning design is bright and cheerful. Learn more here.

fairy garden

Cheryl Byard Airrington Fairy Garden

Tropical Suitcase Fairy Garden

Cheryl Byard Airrington shared this enchanted fairy garden on Pinterest. This suitcase reminds us of a tropical vacation. We love all the plants and how the miniature cottages were incorporated into the design. Learn more here.

fairy garden

Teresa Scragg Fairy Garden

Relaxing Suitcase Fairy Garden

Sometimes when you go on vacation you want to relax. This suitcase fairy garden which was posted on Pinterest by Teresa Scragg sets the scene at a campground or RV park. The miniature campers, lawn furniture, and accessories bring smiles to our faces. We also love how the blue lining of the suitcase adds to the fairy garden’s design. Full details are available here.

fairy garden

Empress of Dirt Fairy Garden

Creating Your Suitcase Fairy Garden DIY

If you are looking to find out how to create your own DIY fairy garden in a suitcase, this article from Empress of Dirt is ready to guide you through the necessary steps in creating your fantastic fairy garden in a suitcase. The design pictured above reminds us of a country house that is surrounded by lush green lawns and gardens. Learn how to create your DIY suitcase fairy garden here.

fairy garden

 Village Herb Shop of Chagrin Falls Fairy Garden

Enchanted Rustic Suitcase Fairy Garden

Village Herb Shop of Chagrin Falls shares this fascinating fairy garden in a suitcase on Pinterest. We love how this fairy garden is filled with adorable fairy signs and fairy friends. Many nature elements have been incorporated into the design. Learn more here.

Thank you for taking the time to explore these magical suitcase fairy gardens with us. We hope you’ll come back to visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden again soon. You might also enjoy these accessories for your fairy garden.


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miniature truck

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fire pit

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