Enjoy Time Inside with the Fairies

Enjoy Time Inside With the Fairies

Thanks for stopping by to enjoy another message from the fairies. This week they are exploring ways that humans can enjoy being inside, specifically when it comes to indoor fairy gardening or creating a miniature dollhouse scene. The fairies have selected eight items to show you which would look great in a fairy garden or dollhouse. Once you’ve had the chance to explore these fairy suggestions, please continue wandering through Teelie’s Fairy Garden. It is a wonderful and magical space where you can escape from the realities of your everyday life. Stay home with the fairies and be safe.

The fairies also have great news for you. They have some great prizes that you have a chance to win. Each prize has a connection to Eliza the Easter Fairy. There are books, keychains and an adorable pink bunny wearing one of t-shirts from my collection of merchandise along with a book .

Staying home with the fairies
1. Decorate for the Little Ones
1:12 scale Easter hutch, Artisan Easter miniatures, dollhouse cupboard
2. Choose a Theme
Miniature fairy table set, fairy dollhouse furniture, woodland fairy miniatures
3. Accessorize
ONE Fairy Garden Spring Figurine four styles to choose from, miniature garden accessory, fairy garden supply, mini Welcome Spring Sign bunny
4. Miniature Magical Moments
Miniature Easter Bunny Decorative Plates ( set of 4) 1:12 scale two sizes available

Decorate for the Little Ones

The first adorable fairy garden or dollhouse option that the fairies chose to show you is an amazing Easter hutch which includes a green cabinet with slightly distressed drawer knobs. It also has some amazing fairy treats, dishes and other cute accessories. Learn more about it on Etsy. It’s a wonderful idea to decorate for the little ones, whether it be fairies or children.

Choose a Theme

The fairies would like to invite you to grab a warm beverage and to curl up on the couch and relax for a bit. They want you to take a few minutes to imagine what theme you’d like your indoor fairy garden or dollhouse to have. The fairies found a delightful scene on Etsy that is woodland themed. It has an outdoorsy feel for a table and chairs and numerous amazing accessories like ceramic plates and acrylic goblets.


There are numerous ways that you can accessorize your indoor fairy garden or dollhouse. One option is to choose a welcome sign like this one that has a bunny looking over top of it. There is a fairy sitting beside it and she’s extremely happy that you’re considering making her part of your life. See her, the sign and other available models on Etsy.

Miniature Magical Moments

Magical moments come in many ways. Some humans and fairies find these special moments in decorative plates. There are miniature versions available for your indoor fairy garden or dollhouse on Etsy.

Indoor fairy gardening
1. Celebrate the Easter Animals
Mini Brown & White Bunnies ~ Easter Fairy Garden Rabbits ~ Miniature Dollhouse Animals ~ Easter Craft Supply
2. Choosing Comfort
Miniature Easter Rabbit Cushions, Easter Egg Pillow decor, Mustard yellow cushion, modern dollhouse cushion, dollhouse accessories
3. Add Some Floral Elements
Rose Stem Miniature Fairy Garden Flowers Miniature Garden Dollhouse
4. Beautiful Options
Flower Gate for Miniature Garden, Fairy Garden

Celebrate the Easter Animals

Having an Easter themed fairy garden or dollhouse scene can be lots of fun as there are tons of amazing Easter choices available. The fairy merchants found one that includes three adorable bunnies. And, the great news is that bunnies can stick around all year long, so you don’t need to put them away once Easter is over. Find these cute bunnies on Etsy.

Choosing Comfort

You want the fairies that visit your dollhouse or indoor fairy garden to be comfortable. There are lots of furniture and accessory items available online including an adorable miniature pillow with a bunny on it. Find it on Etsy.

Add Some Floral Elements

Flowers are known to bring both humans and fairies joy. This is why it is a wonderful idea to consider adding some floral elements to your indoor fairy garden or dollhouse. Some beautiful miniature roses can be found on Etsy in a variety of colors. Let them make a statement for your dolls or fairies.

Beautiful Options

The last item which the fairies have chosen to show you for today is a set of miniature metal gates that are beautifully made with flowers on them. They would look great at the entrance to an indoor fairy garden or dollhouse. Please note that the other items in the photo are not sold with the gates, however they can give you some wonderful ideas for your fairy garden. Visit Etsy to see these floral gates.

The fairies want to thank you for joining them. They hope that you enjoyed this chance to see some options for miniature indoor fairy gardens or dollhouses. The fairies hope that you are staying safe and following all necessary protocols to protect yourself and others. Happy Easter and please keep visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden for fairy news and fun.

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