Exciting Fairy Land Quiz For The Whole Family

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Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. This week we’re going to change things up a bit and have some interactive family fun. We have eight exciting Fairy Land quiz questions for you. We encourage you to get some tasty snacks and sit around as a family discussing these quiz questions. Maybe you’ll even decide to award prizes for things like the most intriguing answer, or the answer that made your family smile the most. Are you ready? Here are our quiz questions. For each one, we’ve added a beautiful fairy image and the source of the image for your magical enjoyment.

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Have you ever seen a fairy?

Our first magical question for you in this fairy quiz for the whole family is have you ever seen a fairy? Perhaps they were hiding in a flower or floating in a raindrop? Maybe they were riding on a butterfly’s wings? If you saw one, you can add follow-up questions to your quiz like where you saw them. You can also describe what they look like. We’d also love to know if the fairy did anything to you. Perhaps they sent a light dusting of fairy dust in your direction. When fairies are around anything is possible. Just be on the lookout for the pixies because they love to play tricks.

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What’s your favorite fairy tale?

Teelie Turner and many other authors have written enchanted fairy tales for your enjoyment. Our question for you is what is your favorite fairy tale? You can also elaborate by saying why the fairy tale is your favorite.

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Do you think fairies exist?

Since someone in your family came across our magical quiz and visited us here in Teelie’s Fairy Garden, we are quite sure that at least one person in your family believes in fairies. However, it can be an interesting family discussion to know if everyone feels the same. That’s why our next quiz question is do you think fairies exist?

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Do you think people who don’t believe in fairies are missing out?

To go along with our last question, we’d like to know if you think people who don’t believe in fairies are missing out. There is so much magic to be enjoyed in Fairy Land and that includes believing in the wonder of fairy dust and unicorns. Therefore, if someone doesn’t believe in fairies, what do you think they’re missing? And, do you think there’s a way they could be convinced to believe in fairies?

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If there was a fairy kingdom, would you want to live there?

Our next magical question is if there was a fairy kingdom, would you want to live there? There is of course Fairy Land and the magical kingdom, but it takes some special powers to get there. However, if it was easier would you go as often as you could? What would you want to enjoy the most?

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What do you think fairies do all day?

What do you think fairies do all day? Does what they do depend on their magical fairy job? We know that most fairies love to eat sweets for their meals, and they love celebrations too. But we’d love to hear your opinion. If you were a fairy what is the one thing you’d want to do?

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What kind of fairy are you?

If you could let your inner fairy shine, what kind of fairy would you be? Do you have a fairy job that you’d like to do? Is there a specific outfit that you’d like to wear as a fairy? Fairies live enchanted lives and being one is extremely special.

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What would your fairy name be?

If you were a fairy and could have any fairy name what would it be? Would you choose your own fairy name or would you need help from Meridia the Naming Fairy? Would your name have a special meaning to go with your fairy work or would you choose it because you just liked the way it sounds?

We hope that you’ve enjoyed spending time in Teelie’s Fairy Garden and taking this fairy quiz with your family. Please come back and visit us again soon. There’s always magic in Fairy Land.

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