Fairy Garden Beach Party Items

Hello, Fairy Lovers!

Have you ever dream of being at a beach party? Imagine the atmosphere of the relaxing sea breeze and when you look around you see life-saving rings lining the fence and Hula girls playfully dancing. Isn’t that so much fun?

If you’re into beach parties and tropical trips, then this fairy garden theme suits you well.

The fairies would be thrilled to have a tropical get away in their fairy garden! We collected items that are perfect for a splashing beach scene.

Start a summer party in your magical fairy garden now!


a. Beach Flip Flops

Who would enjoy the beach using boots? Give the fairies these adorable flip flops and watch them have loads of fun!

b. Beach Party Blankets with Basket

These gorgeous beach party blankets with baskets full of fruit will delight the fairy visitors who’ll join the party!

c. Tiki Bar and Stools

The fairies would be thrilled to find this tiki bar that serves enchanted and delicious drinks and cocktails.

d. Tiki Mask

What’s a beach party without a giant tiki mask? This tiki mask will add an ethnic vibe to the fairies’ party!

e. Party Drinks

A party isn’t complete without plenty of drinks. These party drinks are absolutely delicious. The enchanted folks love them!

f. Beach Party Life Ring

Make the atmosphere of the beach party more inviting with this life-saving ring! It features a pail full of sand, a shovel, and seashells.

set-2 a. Hula Fairy

The other fairies would love to join this beautiful hula fairy as she graciously dances the traditional Hawaiian dance!

b. Fence in Sand

This wonderful fence features a lovely pair of slippers and a life-saving life ring with shells.

c. Hula Beach House

The adorable metallic bell and life ring in this hula beach house will attract fairies to stay after the beach party!

d. Hula Boy with Ukelele

The enchanted folks are going to have a great time when this hula boy starts performing! It’s going to be a great party!

To see more beach items, click on the image below!

Beach Party Blankets with Basket


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