Four Year Old Creates Fairy Garden

Hello Fairy Lovers! Meet Ariana! She’s an adorable 4year old who’s been asking her mom for a fairy garden!

They’ve spent weeks collecting fairy goodies and they put it together to create a wonderful fairy garden where the her magical fairies can live close to her!

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Ariana is a proof that fairy gardening is for everyone at any age! Aren’t you inspired to start your fairy garden too? Take a look at her magical masterpiece below!


We can see from Ariana’s smile how excited she is to make her fairy garden!


She’s carefully setting up the landscape of her whimsical fairy garden. She’s using glass gems as the “river” of her fairy garden.


She puts other accessories and décor for finishing touches! We’re excited to see the final outcome!


Tada! Magical Fairy garden is here! Fairies would be excited to live and play in this whimsical garden that Ariana has created.


Do you want to have your very own fairy kingdom that’s the same with Ariana’s? Scroll down and see some of the fairy goodies she used and some new items too!


Leaf Roof Fairy House

This is the adorable fairy house that Ariana chose for her fairies. With adorable mushrooms and an opening door, the fairies would be delighted to live in this leaf roof fairy house!

Yellow Cherry Birdhouse

Ariana thought that it would be more fun if fairies would have friends in her fairy kingdom. That’s why she chose to have this beautiful birdhouse to attract magical birds!

Fairy Footbridge

This is the wonderful fairy footbridge that the enchanted folks could use as they cross the river that Ariana created. Perfect, isn’t it?

Micro Mini Bench and Chair

This micro mini bench and chair are perfect for an afternoon tea on the lawn. The enchanted folks love it! Ariana chose this as the place for fairies to relax and hang out.

Flower Birdbath

Since Ariana placed a birdhouse for the fairies, it would be terrific to have a dainty flower birdbath!


Colorful Mushrooms

Ariana thought that gnomes will find it thrilling to see colourful mushrooms in the fairy kingdom!

Archer and Friend ­

Ariana made an impressive choice of fairy for her Fairy garden. She chose the adventurous Archer fairy!

Fairy Tammy

Another pretty fairy that Ariana chose for her fairy garden is Fairy Tammy. She loves to sit and play with caterpillars and butterflies on plants. Isn’t she wonderful?

Glass Gems

These glass gems serve as the “water” for Ariana’s fairy garden. This can also be used to portray sea on the beach or small ponds.

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