Fairy Gardens in the Woods

fairy garden in the woods with felicia and gigi

The magical fairies who help to inspire the Teelie’s Fairy Garden blog have some exciting news to share with you. They recently went on an enchanted walk through the woods and found an immense number of incredible sights that they cannot wait to share with you. All the pictures that they took along their walk are courtesy of FairiesOfTranquility. 

During the fairies’ magical walk in the woods, they were able to experience a lot of whimsey. They were surprised to discover how many of the everyday activities that they enjoyed, could also take place in the woods. While they enjoyed the sights and sounds of the woods which included greeting other fairies, experiencing the lovely fragrances of flowers and trees, and hearing the birds’ song, they also came across some magnificent furniture.

Magical Fairy Gardens in the Woods

Magical Fairy Kitchen Set – Fairy House, Fairy Garden, Flower Fairies, Garden Fairies, Rustic Decor, Dollhouse Kitchen, Whimsy

The amazing fairy craftsmen outdid themselves when they created this amazing kitchen set. There is a lovely kitchen sideboard, miniature table and chair and stove that have been crafted from natural materials which include repurposed wood, moss, and acorns.

Miniature Kitchen Set – Goblincore Decor, Dollhouse, Wooden Miniatures, Fairy Kitchen, Fairy Garden, Fairy Furniture, Fairy kitchen, Fae

This photo is a close-up of the miniature table and chair from the previous scene. The minute details are incredible. We love that the acorns have been used in multiple ways, including becoming a bowl.

Fairy Kitchen Set, Fairy House, Fairy Garden, Miniature Sink, Miniature Kitchen, Dollhouse Kitchen, Fairy Furniture, One of a Kind, Unique

Fairies love having cups of sweet tea and hot cocoa. This rustic, one-of-a-kind fairy kitchen set can be enjoyed outside during a walk in the woods. The set includes a chair, a side table, and a tea service. All of these amazing pieces have been constructed from wood and natural elements.

Miniature Kitchen Set – Fairy House, Dollhouse Stove, Fairy Cooker, Miniature Cooker, Fairy Furniture, Rustic Furniture

 The fairies also saw a magical stove that had been created from wood. Normally wood wouldn’t be recommended as a building material since its flammable. However, in Fairy Land, a magical spell, flick of a wand, and some fairy dust can render anything possible.

Miniature Wagon & Gardening Set – Gypsy, Shepherds Hut, Caravan, Fairy House, Dollhouse, Sculpture, Travellers, Vardo, Nomadic, Fairy Garden

One of the most majestic scenes in the woods included this gypsy caravan which can also be a travelling fairy house. At the moment the caravan was seen, the occupants were enjoying some dinner, and therefore you can also see one of their prep tables in the photo above. The design of the caravan and table are amazing.

Miniature Bookcases – Miniature Garden, Rustic Home Decor, Miniature House, Fairy House, Diorama, Twig Furniture, Twig Fairy, Fairies, Fae

These adorable shelving units are perfect for any room in your enchanted fairy garden. They can hold fairy dust, dishes, books, photographs, or anything that the fairies’ hearts desire.

Miniature Craft Room Furniture – Fairy House, Miniature Art, Dollhouse Bookcase, Doll Furniture, Artist Set, Artist Gift, Garden Fairies

The fairies also love shiny things as you may have heard. Some ingenious crafts fairy created wooden miniatures and added some bright red gemstones to them. We love how rustic the furniture looks with the bark and moss still on it. The addition of the acorn bowls is also wonderful as it incorporates another woodland aspect. Our fairy friends will love these in their fairy gardens because the furniture is extremely versatile.

Flower Fairy Seats – Faery Chairs – Fairy Furniture, Fairy House, Miniature Garden, Fairy Garden, Fairy Accessories, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse

Whether it is for a fairy’s kitchen or to sit around a campfire in the woods or to enjoy storytime, having comfortable chairs for our fairy friends to sit on is a necessity. On the fairies’ walk, they saw this magical set of one-of-a-kind chairs in the woods and were quite taken by their beauty and craftsmanship. The twigs, flowers, and moss contribute to the chairs’ unique appearance.

Miniature Fairy Artist Set – Dollhouse Miniatures, Fairy House, Mother’s Gift, Miniature Painting, Miniature Garden, Fairy Garden, Bonsai

The fairies also came across a majestic site while enjoying their walk in the woods, there was a rustic-looking easel set up that had a lovely painting on it. There was also a cute and rustic table that held the paintbrushes and an acorn bowl of fruit, which the artist had been using as inspiration. The fairies were intrigued as they looked at the artistic-looking setup.

Fairy Door Set, Green Fairy Door, Housewarming, Fairy Garden, Fairy House, Miniature Door, Dollhouse, Fairy Furniture, Miniature Furniture

These adorable rustic fairy doors were painted green to go with nature’s color scheme. They have also been embellished with natural elements like twigs and acorns.

Baby Fairy Crib with Teddy Bear – Fairy Garden, Miniature Baby, Dollhouse Bedroom, Fairy Cot, Miniature Crib, Christening Gift, Baby Shower

Even babies who live in Fairy Land receive majestic-looking cribs. The fairies loved this handcrafted crib that they found in the wood. It is sturdy and rustic. The wood was decorated with moss and flowers.

Thank you again for coming on this enchanted walk. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this adventure as much as we have. Please come back and visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden again soon for more magic.

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