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Magical Mothering Fairies for Your Garden

mother's day fairies

Mother’s Day is almost here, and Teelie’s Fairy Garden would like to introduce you to some magical mothering fairies for your garden. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this beautiful presentation of maternal fairies and their children.

Also, did you know that Fairy Land has its very own Mother’s Day Fairy? You can meet Mariane in this beautiful video.


Fairy Mom and Baby – Love in the air Pink and Purple Winged Collectible Figurine GC-91845

Love in the Air Fairy

Our first fairy mom and her baby are dancing around. The mother is dressed in a beautiful gown. This fairy mom and child are part of the love is in the air-winged fairy collection. We absolutely love it. Learn more about it on Etsy.

Reading fairy

Grandma and Child Fairy Figurine, reading with Grandma, fairy garden accessories, terrarium

A Grandma’s Love

Fairy Land is also filled with many amazing grandmothers. This grandma fairy is sitting in the garden reading to her grandchild. Which Teelie Turner book do you think they’re reading? Let us know by reaching out to us on social media or commenting below. Learn more about this fairy grandma and her grandchild on Etsy.


Fairy Mother And Child, Fairy Garden Mother, Mini Mom

Rocking Baby

This motherly fairy who is wearing a beautiful red dress is outside in the garden rocking her baby to sleep. She is able to enjoy nature’s gifts at the same time. Meet her on Etsy.

Mother fairy

Fairy Mom holding her daughter in the air | Miniature Supplies & Accessories | First flight MG358

Magical Mothering Moment

This mother and her daughter are dressed in beautiful dresses. The mother is holding her child in the air. She is going to be teaching her how to fly. Learn more on Etsy.

Family fairies

Snack Time With Grandma, Fairy Grandma, Fairy Grandmother

A Magical Time in the Woods

This grandmother and her granddaughter were out for a walk in the woods when they spotted a squirrel and decided to give it a snack. Having some time with grandma is always a wonderful way to celebrate a mother’s love. More details are available on Etsy.

Mother and baby

Fairy Baby and Mother, handcrafted mini sign, fairy garden accessories, sleeping fairy baby, mini

A Silent Love

This mother is enjoying the silence as she spends time with her sleeping baby. There is even a sign to remind anyone who goes by to be quiet as there is an adorable child resting. Learn more on Etsy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. Teelie’s Fairy Garden applauds you. Please come back and see us again soon.

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