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The Fairy Scoop – February 13, 2018

It’s almost the Lunar New Year!

In this fairy scoop, I’ve come up with a lucky 8 list of fairy garden décor and accessories you may want to add to your fairy garden. Are you ready to bring in some luck?

Let’s start!

Lucky Fairy Garden Items (1)

1. Get Cleaning

Nothing sweeps away all that negative vibe like a good old pair of broom and dustpan. Place them early so the fairies can help! Your fairy garden will be clean in no time.

Broom and Mop Set

SHOP: Broom & Mop Set

Wooden Bucket and Mop

GET: Wooden Bucket & Mop

2. Love Fruits

Any single fairies out there? The gentleman fairies could use some apples and the lady fairies some orange to finally meet a special someone this year. Set them up on the fairy table for good love luck this Lunar New Year.

Orange Barrel

SHOP: Orange Barrel

Orange Fruit Pyramid

SEE: Orange Fruit Pyramid

Red Apple Pyramid

BUY: Red Apple Pyramid

3. Sweet Feast

The Lunar New Year is all about the grand feast. And for the fairies that means sweets! Get their mouths watering with tasty-looking cupcakes. They’ll love you for it

cupcake on plate

SHOP: Cupcake on Plate

Vanilla Cupcakes

SHOP: Vanilla Cupcakes

4. Bright Lanterns

Welcome the New Year with a bright and well-lighted fairy nook! These lanterns may not light up but the fairies will surely work their magic. You can also get adorable fairy lights here.

Colorful Lanterns with Hook

SHOP: Colorful Lanterns with Hook

hanging lantern flower with shepherds hook

SHOP: Hanging Lantern Flower with Hook

5. Lucky Red

Red is the color of luck come Lunar New Year. Why not decorate your fairy garden with red toadstools? The fairies will adore it.

Mini Mushrooms

SHOP: Mini Mushrooms

Red Mushrooms

SHOP: Red Mushrooms

6. Lovely Flowers

Potted flower plants will look good in any garden, including your fairy garden. But if you really want to get into the Lunar New Year tradition, consider getting live flower-bearing plants instead. Bonsai Boy of New York has a wonderful selection. Check them out here.

Flowering Lavender Star Flower Bonsai

SHOP: Flowering Lavender Star Flower Bonsai

Flowering Crabapple

SHOP: Flowering Crabapple

7. Gold Coins

Traditionally, chocolate coins wrapped in gold are used to bring luck during Chinese New Year. The coins usually have a dragon on one side and the Chinese symbol for luck or fortune on the other side.

Large Gold Foiled Milk Chocolate Coins

SHOP: Large Gold Foiled Milk Chocolate Coins

8. Fortune Plants

If you’re planning to add lucky plants for the Lunar New Year, there’s a great variety here. From flower blossoms to other miniatures, you have lots of choices to get luck on your side. Pick one that’s easy to maintain and hardy enough to survive the cold weather.

Flowering Heavenly Bamboo Bonsai Tree

SHOP: Flowering Heavenly Bamboo Bonsai Tree

Baby Jade Bonsai Tree - Small

SHOP: Baby Jade Bonsai Tree – Small

That’s it for today’s fairy scoop. If you need more items, check out loads of fairy garden decorations here. Happy Lunar New Year and enjoy lucky fairy gardening!

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