Fairy Garden How to: Create a Winter Fairy Land

Winter is almost over. I really didn’t think about putting together a winter-themed fairy garden but realized I should before spring kicked in.

It turns out it isn’t that hard. For the most part, I made use of fairy garden décor and accessories I already have from previous fairy garden scenes like this Christmas-themed one. In all honesty, you only need three elements to transform any fairy garden into a winter fairy land.


White has long been associated with winter, mainly because it’s the color of snow. In fact, there is such a thing as snow camouflage wherein animals and the military adapt to the color of the environment – predominantly white.


I used a lot of white elements in my winter fairy garden: a mini picket fence, some twigs and tree branches I painted white myself, some white artificial foliage and pearl picks with their lovely characteristic luster.


Check out these products that’ll help you achieve a predominantly white color theme:

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What’s winter without snow? A sprinkle of snow is all you need to give your fairy garden a wintery feel. There are a lot of artificial snow options available but I’m especially attracted to the sparkly, glittery ones. Well that’s because fairies love anything shiny and I’d love to see them frolic in my winter fairy garden.

If you love sparkly and shiny artificial snow for your fairy garden, you should take a look at these:

Beistle Sparkling Snow

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FloraCraft GL620DD12 Diamond Dust Glitter

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Lastly, realistic foliage is crucial to create a wintery fairy garden. I used a lot of artificial plants since I had them on hand. I wanted to pain them white and strip the leaves off of some trees for authentic winter foliage. And there’s no way I can do that with my precious miniature plants.


You can see that there’s a combination of ferns and succulents in my fairy garden. I was supposed to buy winter-looking trees. But at the last minute, I just knew I had to make some myself.


Not sure where to start looking? Try the ones below.

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You see, creating a Winter Fairy Land is do-able. I say you can even do it with kids if you’re up for it.

Are you gonna make your very own version? Let us know in the comments!


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