The Fairy Scoop – February 5, 2018

Amazing Fairy Scene Kits


Hello Fairy Lovers!

I am very delighted to present this week’s featured products – fairy scene kits! These lovely kits are not only adorable; they also give us a glimpse of the enchanted folks’ daily lives! Any fairy lover would love putting together these kits with the right fairy guidance and a touch of fairy dust.

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Have fun because “It’s a Fairy thing.”

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Rural Diary

Rural Diary

If you love country-style, you’ll adore this picturesque depiction of Grandma’s Garden. With lots of produce and relaxing green shades, no one can resist countryside living.

Adventure in Small Island

Adventure in Small Island

Ever wondered what it’s like living off an island? Lots of fun in the sun, warm sea breeze and palm trees, that’s what. It’s like everyday is a vacation.

Happy Corner

Happy Corner

This box theatre is an ode to the simple life of what was then when everyone knew each other and your favourite shops are likely owned by friends and neighbours.

Snow Dream

Snow Dream

Nothing spells magic better than snow. Join Harry & Belle as they turn harsh winter conditions into dreamy warm and simply magical memories of being next to each other.

Melody Of Forest

Melody of Forest

This rabbit is enjoying nature at its finest. With fresh clean air, the relaxing sound of water and endless gifts from the forest, the forest really is the best playground.

Wandering In Winter

There’s no time to waste for these rabbit couple. Even the freezing temperature won’t knock out their inner adventurer. How about you?

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