Fancy Fairy Kits for Your Fairy Land

Greetings Fairy Lovers!

Every year, the Fairy King and Queen meet with Stella, the Fairy Garden Fairy in charge of all the fairy garden kits. They ask for her help to improve the Fairy Land by adding new scenes to the kits. This year, Fairy Stella brought a lovely collection with her and the Fairy King and Queen love them!

See what’s inside Fairy Stella’s fairy kit collection for this year!

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Fairy Kits Set A
Fairy Kits Set A

Mini Mom Kit – A beautiful kit that is dedicated to the fairy moms! It consists of a bench with a sleeping cat, a basket full of flowers, a hat with gloves and a sign that says, “A mother’s heart is a garden of love.”

Beach Life Kit – This kit is perfect for the fairy’s mermaid friends! It consists of a shell garland, stepping stones, sand castle and Adirondack chair and table.

3 Windmill Fairy Garden Kit – Perfect for the fairy farmers and their gnome friends! This kit consists of windmill house, wheelbarrow gnome, watering gnome, fairy kiwi, fairy starlight, flower birdbath, mailbox, slide, bunny, hedgehog, welcome sign, green fence and three red and white mushroom stakes.

4 Fairy Caravan Kit – This kit is perfect for the gypsy fairies! It consists of a beautiful fairy caravan with three windows, two seats, and detachable stairs plus three gorgeous fairies!

Fairy Kits Set B
Fairy Kits Set B

1 Fairy Village Kit – The fairies would love this kit! It consists of four adorable houses with different themes.

Baby Bears and Cabin Set – The fairies would adore this set! It consists of a cabin, two bears, a bridge, a tree, a trellis and a birdhouse!

Mini Woodland Kit – This lovely kit consists of an outhouse, an acorn sign, two gnomes and cute animals.

Mini Grandmother’s Kit – Perfect for fairies who love their grandmas! It consists of a table with a tea set, a chair, a box of flowers, a birdhouse and a sign that says, “Love blooms in a grandmother’s heart.”


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