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The Fairy Scoop – January 17, 2018

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Hello, Fairy Lovers!

As the New Year arrives, fireworks lit up the sky. For humans, it signals the beginning of a new year but in Fairy Land, it signals the birth of the newest fairy protector, a mighty dragon! The Fairy King and Queen, together with the elder dragons, gather everyone to welcome and celebrate the mighty dragon’s birth to Fairy Land!

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Have fun because “It’s a Fairy thing.”

FG Sign

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Baby DragonBaby Dragon
By GnomeWoods

Just look at this adorable face! Who will be his fairy partner? The fairies are anxious to know who it would be!

Dragon Babies

Dragon Babies
By MyTinyPurpleGarden

These dragon babies have different colors and personality! The Fairy King and Queen are delighted to see them!

Green Dragon

Green Dragon
By LittleEarthMuffins

The elder dragons are there to welcome the new dragons too!

Sleeping Dragon

Sleeping Dragon
By TeresasCeramics

This sleeping dragon needs some rest. He was delighted to help with the preparation for the dragon babies’ arrival!

Dragon Reading a Book

Dragon Reading a Book
By thefairygardenUK

The new dragons will undergo training under the guidance of the elder dragons! They need to study and learn how to become a fairy protector!

Dozing Dragon

Dozing Dragon
By thefairygardenUK

The training may be exhausting but once they meet their fairy partner, it’ll be all worth it!

Read about the mystical dragons of Fairy Land! Click the image below!


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