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The Fairy Scoop – November 20, 2017

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Amazing Fairy Garden Gingerbread Goodies


Hello, Fairy Lovers!

Get to know the star of this week’s fairy scoop – Ginny, the Gingerbread Fairy. Many, many years ago, Fairy Queen Olivia started a tradition where every fairy in the Fairy Kingdom creates a magical gingerbread house. Ginny, the Gingerbread Fairy organizes this marvelous event as she is the finest gingerbread baker in all the Fairy Kingdom! Read more Here

At Teelie’s Fairy Garden, we have so many new and exciting projects to make your experience with our brand so much more pleasurable. We have Friday Fairy Giveaways, new fairy products, our Fairy Community (We would love for you to join us Here) oodles of other giveaways, fairy books, free coloring sheets, fairy videos, newsletters (be sure to sign up Here)

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Have fun because “It’s a Fairy thing.”

FG Sign

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Classic Gingerbread House

Classic Gingerbread House

By wonderworks

This classic gingerbread house is so beautiful! Guess who lives here? It’s Ginny, the Gingerbread Fairy!

Gingerbread Hutch with Candies

Gingerbread Hutch with Candies

By HomepetiteHome

Inside Ginny’s home, there’s a magical hutch full of candies that she uses in baking gingerbread goodies!

Charming Gingerbread House

Charming Gingerbread House

By Styroventure

This charming gingerbread house is totally awesome! This is where Ginny created her master piece! This is the gingerbread house she’ll present in the Gingerbread House Festival!

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

By ParisMiniatures

Fairy Ginny is the best gingerbread baker in the Fairy Kingdom and baking gingerbread cookies is a piece of cake!

Gingerbread Man and Stocking Fence

Gingerbread Man and Stocking Fence

By FairylandCraftique

Seeing this lovely gingerbread and stocking fence, we surely know who own this! Yes, it’s Ginny, the Gingerbread Fairy!

Basket Cake Filled with Gingerbread Treats

Basket Cake Filled with Gingerbread Treats

By ParisMiniatures

The Gingerbread House Festival won’t be complete without fairy sweets! Ginny prepared this amazing and delicious basket cake filled with gingerbread treats!

Be sure to join our Fairy Community-open to all, as we have a great 2017 planned for you and all the fairies in the Fairy Kingdom!


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