“Ginny, The Gingerbread Fairy Takes On the Gingerbread Festival”

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It is a tradition in the fairy kingdom that every fairy creates a magical gingerbread house. The Fairy Queen Olivia started this tradition many, many years ago to surprise all the young fairies during the holidays. Ginny the Gingerbread Fairy organizes this marvelous event, as she is the finest gingerbread baker in all of the Fairy Kingdom. The fairies secretly create their gingerbread houses and then they travel to the great “Gingerbread House Festival” and Queen Olivia selects the most magnificent gingerbread house of the year! Of course, this is all for the young fairies and it is considered one of the most magical events of the year in the Fairy Kingdom! Why it is so special is every young fairy is then gifted their very own gingerbread house to take back to their fairy garden! What a sweet treat for all…

Ginny, the Gingerbread Fairy

Meet Ginny, the Gingerbread Fairy! She is absolutely the most amazing gingerbread baker in all the Fairy Kingdom!

Ginny's Work Area

This is her work area where she produces the most delectable gingerbread cookies.


This is Ginny’s home and yes, it is a gingerbread house she had help from the Gnomes in the construction of her sweet dream home.

Ginny's Home 2

Ginny made sure every detail was perfect, from the roof to the windows!


She leaves sweets and presents out every day for the young fairies that try to sneak into her gingerbread bakery-of course there is always fairy magic added for the extra sparkle.

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Gingerbread Fairy Goodies

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