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Fairy Travel Blog: Magical Summer Cottages

floral cottage

Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. It’s a beautiful day here in Fairy Land. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and everyone is having a great time. Summer is an amazing time for travel. The fairies have been looking at some cottages where they can spend some time this summer. We’re going to share eight of these with you. We have several fairies who are expert travelers including Iaada the International Fairy whom we recently introduced you to. There is also Gigi the Chic Fairy whom you’ll be meeting soon, and our friend Tommy Tinker who works as a tinkerer.

Here is a magical video about one of Tommy’s adventures.


Fairy miniatures
1. Lily Cottage
Ebros LED Light Up Miniature Enchanted Fairy Garden Trumpet Lily Cottage House with Moving Door Figurine
2. Snail Shell Cottage
VP Home Snail Shell Fairy Cottage Solar Powered LED Outdoor Decor Garden Light
3. Dragonfly Cottage
TERESA'S COLLECTIONS 7.87 Inch Fairy Garden House Statue Dragonfly Accessories with Solar Light, Garden Figurines Sculptures for Outdoor Decoration(Outdoor Paradise)
4. Watering Can Cottage
VP Home Watering Can Fairy Cottage Solar Powered LED Outdoor Decor Garden Light

Lily Cottage

The first cottage is so summery because its roof resembles a lily flower. It is bright and colorful and would be a perfect place to vacation. The fairies may love it so much that they decide to take up residence wherever this magical cottage happens to be. This cottage even has LED lighting. Find it on Amazon.

Snail Shell Cottage

We came across a cute cottage that is shaped like a snail shell. It is so adorable and also has LED lighting. This welcoming little cottage would be the perfect vacation getaway for one fairy or a group of friends or family. It is available on Amazon.

Dragonfly Cottage

The next cottage that we chose to share with you has a dragonfly on the roof, solar lighting, and floral and leaf accents. It also has a magical stone pattern. Learn more on Amazon.

Watering Can Cottage

In the summertime, do you think about the magic of gardening? Do you have a big garden or a small one? We’d love for you to let us know on social media. If you have a garden, you probably have to water it sometimes, at least occasionally. That’s why we decided that this cottage shaped like a watering can would be a great summer vacation home. It has several splendid features including LED lighting, adorable flowers, and a ladder that allows access to the roof. More details can be found on Amazon.

fairy miniatures
1. Toadstool Mushroom Cottage
TERESA'S COLLECTIONS Mushroom Fairy Garden Solar House Statue Accessories with Light, Garden Cottage Figurines Sculptures for Outdoor Patio Lawn Yard Decorations (Resin)
2. Rainboot Cottage
VP Home Enchanted Rainboot Fairy House Reading Frog Solar Powered LED Outdoor Decor Garden Light
3. Pinecone Cottage
VP Home Pinecone Squirrel Cottage Solar Powered LED Outdoor Decor Garden Light
4. Treehouse Cottage
Ebros Whimsical Forest Ent Greenman Cottage Blue Nook Tree House Statue with Mushroom Conk Steps 6.5" High As Fairy Garden Treehouse Accessory Decor for Home Collectible Figurine

Toadstool Mushroom Cottage

We think that toadstool mushrooms are adorable. They look amazing in a fairy garden. We found a toadstool mushroom house with a stunning red roof and solar lighting. Its shape is also unique. Can you imagine yourself visiting this miniature abode? Find it on Amazon.

Rainboot Cottage

Rainboots or rubber boots as they are sometimes called are often worn in the spring and summer. We found an adorable cottage that was on a rainboot hill with solar lighting, a magical path that will allow your fairy friends to walk up to the little cottage, your own pet frog who loves to read, and some beautiful natural elements like trees. Learn more on Amazon.

Pinecone Cottage

We came across a stunning cottage with a pinecone roof and a pet squirrel who lives there too. This unique cottage has solar-powered LED lighting, so your fairies will be able to enjoy activities inside or in the yard around the cottage day or night. More details are available on Amazon.

Treehouse Cottage

The final cottage that we’ll be sharing with you today is a whimsical forest treehouse cottage. The tree is so special because there is an image of a face in it, and if you believe in the tree’s magic, it will send you special messages. The little house in the tree is a beautiful blue cottage. Find it on Amazon.

On behalf of everyone at Teelie’s Fairy Garden, happy summer. We’d also like to wish you a Happy 4th of July if you’re in the United States. Our friend Patriotic Patsy created a special instant fairy garden for this celebration. Learn more in her video.



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