Farmer Jonathan Shares Some Décor Featuring Boots

Boot Decorations

Welcome to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. In anticipation of a new Teelie Turner book release which will be about Farmer Jonathan who is a fairy farmer, Farmer Jonathan asked us to share some magical décor featuring boots with you.

1. How Do You Wear Your Boots?
Rain Boot Earrings, cute rubber boot earrings. Rain dangles, choose your color
2. The Art of Boots
Ski Boot, wall hanging Art
3. Magical Boot Shaped Cottage
Solar Powered Miniature Fairy Garden Boot House - Tiny Cottage Shaped Like a Boot - Fairy Garden Accessories and Supplies
4. Floral Boot Fairy Home
Solar Powered Miniature Fairy Garden Cottage - Tiny Gray Boot House with Pink Flower Roof - Fairy Garden Accessories and Supplies

How Do You Wear Your Boots?

How do you wear your boots? Is it a fairy riddle? No, it is just a bit of magic, and a creative twist, made by an Etsy shop owner who turned miniature rain boots into cute earring. You can find them in several colors.

The Art of Boots

This wooden ski boot makes for a great piece of wall art. It is different and imaginative. Find it on Etsy.

Magical Boot Shaped Cottage

We found a magical fairy cottage in the shape of a cowboy boot. It is spectacular and has an adorable blue door and some vines on its roof. Find it on Etsy.

Floral Boot Fairy Home

We found a second fairy boot home. This one is a tiny gray boot with a pink flower roof. Wooden steps lead up to the miniature fairy door. Find it on Etsy.

1. Sparkling Santa Boots
Miniature Santa Boots Decoration ~ Christmas Fairy Garden Accessories ~ Winter Dollhouse Figurines ~ Craft Supplies
2. Fetch My Boots
Fairy Garden Golden Retriever Puppy with Boot Figurine ~ Miniature Dollhouse Animals
3. Who Put Their Boots on the Table?
Boots Ceramic Vase Handmade Finnmarioy Colorful Homedecor Flower Arrangement Koti Creative Flowerpot
4. Versatile Holiday Boot
Santa's Boot Planter, Santa's Boot Centerpiece, Vintage Christmas Decor, Santa's Boot Candy Dish

Sparkling Santa Boots

We found a miniature pair of Santa boots that have sparkles on them. Do the sparkles help Santa to have the magic that he needs to accomplish his mission every year? Find them on Etsy. They’d look great in your Christmas fairy garden.

Fetch My Boots

We found a miniature of a golden retriever puppy that is fetching someone’s boot. It is extremely adorable. We just hope the puppy only carries its owner the boot and doesn’t chew on it. Find it on Etsy.

Who Put Their Boots on the Table?

We found some bright and colorful vases that are shaped like boots that will add some magic to your table. In this case, it is alright to put your boots on the table. Find them on Etsy.

Versatile Holiday Boot

We found a vintage red Christmas boot on Etsy, that could work as a candy dish, centerpiece, or planter. There is only one available.

We hope that you have enjoyed the magic of all these boots that can be used for decorations in your home. On behalf of Farmer Jonathan and all the Wee Folk in Fairy Land, we would like to thank you for joining us today and invite you to continue visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. Many new books and announcements are on the horizon.

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