How to Create a Magical Christmas Fairy Garden

Christmas Fairy Garden

In anticipation of our magical Christmas DIY guide that will be released soon, Teelie’s Fairy Garden decided to share eight enchanted fairy garden miniatures that you might want to include in a Christmas themed fairy garden.

Christmas Fairy Gardens
1. Christmas Trees
2 Miniature Teal Christmas Sisal Bottle Brush Trees, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Christmas, Tres, Green, Snow, Fabric Table Topper
2. Vintage Sledge With Gifts
Doll's House Miniature 12th scale Christmas Santa sledge filled with presents
3. Magical Christmas Market
Unique miniature Christmas market stand 1:12 made of wood
4. Cookies For Santa
Miniature biscuit boxes for Christmas cookies in 1:12 for dolls' houses

Christmas Trees

Decorating Christmas trees is a magical part of the holiday season. Consider adding one or more Christmas trees to your fairy garden this year. We chose to show you two miniature teal sisal bottle brush trees. They can be found on Etsy.

Vintage Sledge With Gifts

We located an amazing green sledge with gifts in it. It would make an amazing addition to a fairy garden. But there is only one available so if you’d like to have it, you’ll have to act fast. Find it on Etsy.

Magical Christmas Market

We located a unique Christmas market stand. It is made out of wood and is a vision of what a fabric market stand could look like at holiday time. However, there is only one available. If you’d like it visit Etsy now.

Cookies For Santa

Santa loves enjoying cookies and milk. We found a magical looking set of miniature biscuit tins. The fairies use these to store their baking in for Santa until the big night when they leave him out a generous helping of his favorites. Find the biscuit boxes on Etsy.

Magical Christmas Fairy Gardens
1. Miniature Tree Ornaments
Miniature Christmas Tree Ornaments - set of 12!
2. Christmas in the Forest
Miniature Christmas Tree and Wildlife - Lights Up!!
3. Lovely Reindeer Barn
Miniature Reindeer Stables! Lights Up!
4. Christmas Fairy and Her Magical Moose
Christmas Fairy with Holiday Moose, Holiday Fairy Garden Figurines, Miniature Holiday Moose and Fairy, Christmas Gift

Miniature Tree Ornaments

If you’re going to have a Christmas tree in your fairy garden, you should also have some holiday ornaments. We found a cute set of twelve miniature decorations on Etsy that is perfect.

Christmas in the Forest

The fairies and Santa all love visiting the forest especially at Christmas time. This year while the fairies were out for a walk, they came across something glowing in the forest. It was a Christmas tree that the forest wildlife had decorated. Find it on Etsy.

Lovely Reindeer Barn

The reindeer that live at the North Pole live in a magical reindeer barn. At night, you can see it far off in the distance because of the magical lights. Find the reindeer barn on Etsy.

Christmas Fairy and Her Magical Moose

We found a Christmas fairy and her magical holiday moose on Etsy. They must have the most amazing holiday adventures together.

Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We hope that you enjoyed browsing through these magical miniature items. If you have any questions about creating a fairy garden, please contact us through social media. Please keep visiting us as we have numerous announcements coming this holiday season.

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