Fun Fairy Garden Themes Moms Will Love

Fun Fairy Garden Themes Moms Will Love

Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. We hope that you’ve had a magical week. We’ve been working on several exciting projects, many of which you can learn more about at the bottom of this blog post. This week we’re going to be looking at eight amazing themes for fairy gardens that your mother might love. The kits and accessories which we have chosen to share this week would make great gifts for Mother’s Day.

You might also be inspired by our video about relaxing fairy gardens for mom.

Fairy Gardens Mother's Day
1. Beach Themed Garden
Beach Zen Garden Decor, Mini Desktop Sandbox Accessories, 16 Pcs Miniature Doll House Ornament Kits for DIY Fairy Garden Dollhouse and Plant Decoration
2. Fabulous Flower Garden
Miniature Cottage Rose English Tea Shop DIY Dollhouse Kit Gift
3. Enchanted Treehouse Garden
Miniature Dollhouse Forest Squirrel Tree House LED Light Picture Frame DIY Kit Gift
4. Camping Themed Garden
Fairy Garden - Miniature Fairies Figurines Accessories - Camping Kit of 9 pcs - Set for Outdoor or House Décor

Beach Themed Garden

We know that many mothers love to go to the beach and so we chose it as the first theme to share with you. We also found a sixteen-piece kit that includes several accessories such as beach chairs, a boat, drinks, and palm trees that would make a great start to a beach themed fairy garden. Learn more on Amazon.

Fabulous Flower Garden

There is so much delight to be found when we walk through a fairy garden. This inspired us to find a fabulous flower garden kit. There are several options available, but we decided to show you the miniature cottage and tea shop which comes in a dollhouse kit. This kit is a DIY project which must be assembled but if your mother enjoys doing crafts, this might be perfect for her. There is no timeline to finish the project and if she has teenagers or adult children who live nearby, it could be a fun family project too. Learn more about this amazing kit on Etsy.

Enchanted Treehouse Garden

Another amazing and magical dollhouse kit is an enchanted treehouse garden that includes LED lighting. There is a squirrel that lives in the treehouse and it has the most incredible details like flowers, furniture, and mushroom toadstools. Full details can be found on Etsy. We love the themes of nature, animals and forests and we feel that this dollhouse kit is a perfect combination of all of them.

Camping Themed Garden

Our next fairy garden kit has a camping theme to it. The miniatures are ready to go into the fairy garden. There is a campfire, squirrel, bunny, and several fairies taking part in multiple activities like befriending a bear and playing music. This kit is available on Amazon.

Fairy Gardens for Mom
1. Zen Fairy Garden
Zen Garden Accessories, Fairy Garden Miniatures, Sandbox Decorations, Zen Tray Items, Terrarium Ornaments, Dollhouse Supplies, Desk Top Figurines, Bonsai Craft
2. Farm Themed Garden
KCHEX Miniature - Mini Red FARM Barn House - Mini Dollhouse Supply Expressions
3. Whimsical Veggie Garden
Ellie Arts Fairy Garden Accessories for Boys and Girls Decoration kit - Miniatures Fairies Veggie Garden and Tools - Dog, 4 wheeler, Watermill etc. It's Adorable - All Supplies You Will Ever Need
4. Fairy Tale Garden
LA JOLIE MUSE Resin Fairy Garden - Miniature Floral Roof Cottage with Solar LED Lights, Fairy House Figurine Set of 3 with Pumpkin Carriage, Outdoor Decor for Patio Yard Lawn

Zen Fairy Garden

We found an adorable kit that comes in a nice gift box. It is recommended for a terrarium, or to go on a desktop to help bring the recipient peace and calm. It includes trees, fountains, and stones. Full details are available on Amazon.

Farm Themed Garden

A farm themed fairy garden is also a great idea. We decided to show you a miniature red barn. There is a turkey sitting by the barn door. You could choose your mother’s favorite animals and wrap them up with this barn to give her a great start to her farm themed fairy garden. This miniature barn can be found on Amazon.

Whimsical Veggie Garden

We found a large whimsical vegetable garden kit. It includes miniature fairies, a watermill, dog, tools and many other fun accessories. It would make a great family activity as there would be hours of fun and discussions as you assemble it. Find it on Amazon.

Fairy Tale Garden

The final theme that we have chosen to share with you this week is for a Fairy Tale garden. It is filled with magic and delight. There are also solar LED lights. The one that we chose to share has a magnificent pumpkin carriage being pulled by a white horse, and a beautiful floral cottage. Full details can be found on Amazon.

Thank you for exploring themes for fairy gardens with us. We hope that we have helped you to find some inspiration for a magical Mother’s Day gift. Please continue to visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden. There is lots more fun to be had.

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