Amazing Fairy Garden Kits to Gift for Mother’s Day

Amazing Fairy Garden Kits to Gift for Mother's Day

Welcome back, friends. With Mother’s Day in less than a month, Teelie’s Fairy Garden wanted to share some amazing kits that would make great gifts.  Surprise mom with a beautiful and relaxing pastime. We hope that they can provide you with some inspiration.

DIY Fairy Garden Kits
1. Magical Beginners Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden Kit , Beginners Fairy Garden Kit, Pink Fairy Garden Kit, Fairy Garden for Young Person, Birthday/Holiday Gift
2. Personalized Fairy Garden
Personalized DIY Fairy House Kit, Mother’s day gift, Miniature, Succulent , Fairy Dust, Terrarium, Miniature Garden Items, Gnome, Mermaid
3. Fairy Garden Rotating Music Box Kit
Miniature Rabbit Forest Tree House Fairy Garden Rotating Music Box (Castle in the Sky) Box DIY Dollhouse Kit Gift
4. Miniature Flower Greenhouse Garden Kit
Miniature Flower Greenhouse Garden Shop DIY Dollhouse Kit Gift

Magical Beginners Fairy Garden

There are many different themes for fairy gardens. Kits also vary in number of pieces and degree of difficulty. The first one we wanted to share is known as a beginner’s kit. It is filled with easy to place accessories including an arbor, a ‘Fairies Welcome’ sign, a fairy door, and a whimsical fairy wearing pink. Learn more on Etsy.

Personalized Fairy Garden

We also found an incredible fairy garden that can be personalized for your mom. Kit themes include fairies, mermaids, gnomes, and unicorns. Each kit has over twenty-five magical pieces in it including adorable rabbits, rainbows, and diamonds. The container and soil shown in the image are not included. Full details can be found on Etsy.

Fairy Garden Rotating Music Box Kit

Our next option is the Castle in the Sky dollhouse gift set. It features a miniature rabbit tree house. It rotates and plays music. The staircase is phenomenal. Discover this kit and other options on Etsy.

Miniature Flower Greenhouse Garden Kit

We found an incredible dollhouse kit that is a floral dream. It is an intricate design that would be a fun project for mom, even if she only had a few minutes per day to work on it. There are numerous dollhouse kits to be found. You can choose an option that suits your mother’s personality. The one we chose to show you is a greenhouse garden shop. Details are available on Etsy.

DIY Fairy Garden Kits
1. Zero Maintenance Terrarium
Terrarium, Fairy Garden, Fairy Garden Kits, Fairy Accessories, Preserved Moss Terrarium, No Maintenance Terrarium, Terrarium Accessories
2. Bright Fairy Garden
WILD PIXY Fairy Garden Accessories Kit - Miniature House and Figurine Set for Girls, Boys, Adults - with Magical Glow In The Dark Pebbles and Solar LED Lights
3. Teapot Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden Gnome Accessories Kit - Hand Painted Miniature Teapot Fairy House Figurine Set of 6 pcs, Indoor & Outdoor Holiday Ornaments Gifts for Mom Girls Boys Adults, Yard Lawn Décor
4. Lovely Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden - Miniature Family Kit Figurines and Accessories - Fairies Statue Set of 6 pcs for Outdoor or House Décor

Zero Maintenance Terrarium

We found an incredible zero maintenance terrarium fairy garden on Etsy. It would look incredible in your home and would be sure to make your mom smile if she received this thoughtful gift.  The seller offers several different terrarium models.

Bright Fairy Garden

Another magical fairy garden that we found which would be enjoyable for mom and also for the whole family if she wanted to turn it into a project includes magical glow in the dark pebbles and solar LED lights. This bright and fun fairy garden is sure to bring joy to anyone who sees it. The kit also includes a fairy home, a bridge, bench, chair, and several other incredible items for your fairy garden. Learn more on Amazon.

Teapot Fairy Garden

Fairies love to have tea and it is also fun for moms to enjoy teatime. We found an exquisite teapot gnome home and lawn furniture. The fairy garden would look great inside or outside of your home. Mom could enjoy assembling it and then sit down to enjoy it with a cup of tea, and perhaps a tasty treat. Find this kit on Amazon.

Lovely Fairy Garden

The final fairy garden kit that we’re going to share with you today includes some adorable bunnies and several fairies taking part in their favorite activities like reading, gardening, and enjoying the companionship of animals.  This fun fairy garden kit has a lot of possibilities. Full details are available on Amazon.

Thank you again for joining us. We hope that you’ve found some great ideas for DIY fairy garden kits that would make wonderful gifts for mom. Please come and walk the magical paths in Teelie’s Fairy Garden again soon because we have new things happening often.

You might also enjoy this video about relaxing fairy garden ideas for mom.


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