Amazing Companion Pets for Your Fairy Garden

Amazing Companion Pets for Your Fairy Garden

It’s great to have friends and the same is true in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. That’s why this week we’re going to be giving you a short, guided tour of eight potential animal companions for your DIY fairy garden. These are only a small number of animal companions that you can choose from, but we hope that they’ll help you discover some of the possibilities.

Unicorns from Etsy

Adorable Cuddly Unicorns, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, White Unicorns, Miniature, Rainbow, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Sitting, Standing, Cute

Magical Unicorns

Unicorns make incredible fairy pets and since last week we celebrated National Unicorn Day, we decided to put them at the top of our list. Meet the adorable unicorns pictured above on Etsy. You can meet some magical unicorns in our video.



The Bunny Family Out For A Stroll, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Baby Bunny, Pastel Colors, Mrs. Bunny, Mr. Bunny, Easter Bunny

Friendly Bunnies

Fairy Land is filled with bunnies helping out in gardens, serving as Easter ambassadors and also being companions to the Wee Folk. We decided to introduce you to an entire bunny family who are out taking a stroll. Meet them on Etsy.


The Hedgehogs Have Arrived, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Barbie, Fairy, Fairies, Brown, Cute Faces, Adorable, Fairy Pets, Pets

Miniature Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are extremely adorable pets. Don’t let their prickly exterior fool you. Once they get to know you or you use a little bit of fairy dust to keep their needles from poking you, you’ll become the best of friends. Meet some of these cute and curious pets on Etsy.


Small Green Frog, Miniature Green Frog, Fairy Pet, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden Pet, Green Frog, Green, Cute, Adorable, Craft Project, DIY

Small Green Frogs

Frogs make amazing companions. Not only is there a lot of mystical lore surrounding them, but they also sing beautifully, especially during the springtime. However, in Fairy Land, with a dash of fairy dust, your frogs can be convinced to sing all year long. Find them on Etsy.

Fairy and cat

PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairy Accessories – Miniature Garden Fairy Figurine – Standing Fairy Ava with Cat – Fairy Garden Supplies 1 Piece for Indoor or Outdoor Fairy Garden

Magical Cats

Our fairy friend Ava wanted to introduce you to her pet cat. They’re great friends and Ava or one of her fairy friends would surely be interested in moving into your fairy garden if you had a cat for them to love. You can find some magical cats for your fairy garden on Amazon.

Fairy and dog

PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairies Accessories – Miniature Garden Fairy Figurine – Sitting Fairy Sofia with Puppy Dog – Fairy Garden Supplies 1 Piece for Indoor or Outdoor Garden

Lovable Dogs

Dogs are lovable companions too. Fairy Sofia is currently reading a book with her puppy dog. Her dog is always attentive and ready to sit and enjoy a story or play a game of fetch. Help create some magic in your fairy garden with a dog. You can find some on Amazon.

Fairy on bird

Fairy Garden Miniature Kit – Fairy On Bird – Figurines & Accessories for Outdoor or House Décor

Enchanted Birds

Birds are also a wonderful choice of companion. There are so many to choose from – ducks, hens, owls, songbirds, swans, and the list goes on. We decided to introduce you to a special bird that actually takes its fairy friends for a ride. We must remember how miniature fairies are. This is why they are able to take these magical rides. Meet this bird and its companion on Amazon.

Fairy and squirrels reading

PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairies Accessories – Miniature Garden Fairy Figurine – Sitting Fairy Bonnie with Squirrels – Fairy Garden Supplies1 Piece for Indoor or Outdoor Fairy Garden

Special Squirrels

The final fairy pet that we’re going to introduce you to today is a squirrel – actually a couple of squirrels since our fairy friend Bonnie stopped by with her two. Bonnie and the squirrels love to sit in the meadow and read from Bonnie’s music book. Sometimes, the squirrels even go out and bring her back a snack. Their favorite are peanuts. Meet them on Amazon.

Thank you again for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. Please stay a while and look around. We have so much that we’d love to share with you. We hope that you enjoyed meeting these amazing fairy garden companion animals. Let us know which companion you are going to invite to your fairy garden. You’ll find our comments section by scrolling down this page.

Here’s a fairy video for you to enjoy.

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