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Fantastic Flower Themed Fairy Kits

floral fairy garden

Welcome back to Teelie’s Fairy Garden. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching we decided to share some fantastic flower-themed fairy kits. You might want to choose one of these as your mother’s gift.

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Fairy garden kit

Premium Fairy Garden Kit – Fairy House, Fairies and Fairy Seating, FREE SHIPPING (7, Fairy House w/Yellow Daisy Roof)

Magical Daisy Fairy Garden

The first magical fairy garden kit that we have chosen to show you features an incredible fairy house that has daisies on it. It also comes with one fairy friend and floral furniture. Learn more on Etsy.

Fairy garden kit

Fairy Garden Kit with Fairy House and lots of Fairy Garden Accessories for your own Fairy Garden

Incredible Floral Fairy Garden

The second floral-themed fairy garden that we wanted to show you will allow you to personalize it based on what you would like in your special garden. Possibilities include rocks, gnomes, and fairies. You also get several other accessories and mystery items with this astonishing fairy garden kit. Find it on Etsy.

Fairy garden kit

Teacup, Fairy House Kit, Gnome, Yellow & Pink Roses, Lamp, Kit, Fairy Garden, Nightlight, Miniature, Reuse, Repurpose, Mother’s Day Gift

Teacup Fairy Garden

This next fairy garden is a special teacup garden that comes with yellow and pink roses and several magical items to help make a special place for the fairy(fairies) who live there. Find it on Etsy.

Fairy garden kit

49pcs Fairy Garden Miniature Ornament Set DIY Kit Succulent Landscaping Decor Home Decoration Outdoor Flower Accessories(CTJZ21-PCSET-49)

Imaginative Fairy Garden

Our next find is filled with imaginative ideas. This forty-nine-piece fairy garden kit leaves the door open for numerous possibilities. It includes many floral elements too. If you have a fairy garden or give one as a gift, we’d love to see the kit you chose and how your fairy garden turned out. Post your photos in the comments or on our social media pages. Find this fairy garden kit on Etsy.

Fairy garden kit

Miniature Fairy Garden Decorations – Fairy Garden Accessories – Fairy Garden Kit for Kids –Outdoor Fairy Garden Set – Fairy Statue Gate Pond Mushroom Fence (22pcs)

Relaxing Fairy Garden

We found a relaxing fairy garden kit on Amazon. It is twenty-two pieces, and everything is ready for you to place into your fairy garden. There are fairies, furniture, butterflies, an arch, and a tea set. Many of the items include floral elements. Can you imagine your mother enjoying tea with her fairy friends?

fairy garden kit

Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories Outdoor – Small Fairy Figurines Items Home Decorations – Fairy House Table Chair Set Fairy Garden Fairies Kit for Kids Fairy Figures Mini Garden Ornaments

Enchanted Fairy Home and Garden

We found an enchanted fairy home with some outdoor fairy garden accessories including some floral accents. This kit is beautiful and rustic looking. Learn more on Amazon.

Fairy garden kit

HDNICEZM Fairy Garden Accessories Kit – Miniature Solar Flower Stump and Figurine Hand Painted Set for Fairy, Animal, Mushroom, Teacup set, Table Chair Set -with Magical Glow in The Dark Solar LED Light

Fantastically Bright Fairy Garden

Another fantastic fairy garden is an incredibly bright choice. It includes solar and solar LED lighting. Among the accessories are a flower stump, fairy, set of teacups, furniture, and a fairy friend. Full details about this stunning kit are available on Amazon.

Fairy garden kit

Miniature Rainbow Mushroom Fairy House – 5-Piece Set – a Miniature Fairy House Set for Your Fairy Garden by GlitZGlam

Flowers, Rainbows, and Unicorns Fairy Garden

The final kit that we are going to show you today features flowers, rainbows, and unicorns. This five-piece kit is very easy to include in your fairy garden and it will surely brighten your day as well as that of anyone who sees it. Find it on Amazon.

We hope that you enjoyed discovering these floral fairy garden kits with us. Please come back and visit us in Teelie’s Fairy Garden again soon. There are always magical things happening.

Here are some more suggestions for fairy garden kits.


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