Gift Guide: Awesome Ebros Amy Brown Collectibles To Wow You

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This week Teelie’s Fairy Garden blog is going to take you on a magical adventure as you discover some gift suggestions from the Ebros Amy Brown collection. There are so many enchanted options in this collection for you to choose from. Prepare to be wowed.

Enjoy our enchanted video of our talking fairy, you’ll find it by clicking on the photo.


Ebros Amy Brown Santa’s Elf FAE Peppermint Candy Cane Christmas Fairy Sitting On Red Ornament Collector Figurine As Mini Faerie Garden Festive Collectible Decor Statue Fantasy Fairies Pixies

This gorgeous Amy Brown fairy is wearing candy cane colors and sitting on a red holiday ornament. It is looking forward to celebrating this magnificent upcoming holiday season. Magic is in the air. Learn more here.

Gifts & Decor Ebros Amy Brown Autumn Apple Cider Cinnamon Tea Fairy Statue 6.25″ Tall Tea Cup Fairy Collection

This stunning Amy Brown fairy is warming herself over a magnificent cup of apple cider cinnamon tea. You can even see the cinnamon stick. We love how her outfit matches her beverage. Learn more here.

Ebros Colorful Amy Brown Pink Cherry Cupcake Elf Fairy Statue Sweet Tooth Collection 5.75″ High Fantasy Mythical Faery Garden FAE Magic Watercolor Collectible Decor Figurine

This enchanting pink cherry cupcake elf fairy by Ebros Amy Brown is absolutely stunning. She like many fairies absolutely love their sweets. This would be a special gift for a baker or anyone who loves fairies or cupcakes. Learn more here.

Ebros Amy Brown Check Mate Enchanted Earth Fairy FAE with Green Dragon Playing Chess Statue 10″ Long Fantasy Faery Garden Collectible Figurine

This enchanted earth fairy and green dragon are having a spirited game of chess. They love being able to enjoy time together outside playing one of their favorite games. Learn more here.

Ebros Amy Brown Missing You Magenta Book Fairy Statue 6″ Tall Fantasy Mythical Faery Magic Watercolor Collectible Decor Figurine

This amazing Ebros Amy Brown magenta fairy loves reading and is sitting on a book at the moment. We hope that it is a Teelie Turner story. Learn more here.

Ebros Gift Amy Brown Whimsical Teacup Creamy Hot Cocoa Fairy Figurine Fantasy Mythical Faery Magic Watercolor Collectible Decor Statue Gift Ideas for Women Teen Girls Fairy Garden DIY Art Centerpiece

This beautiful fairy is warming herself over a cup of hot cocoa. The blue on her dress matches her mug. It is a heartwarming fairy scene. Learn more here.


Ebros Amy Brown Collection Autumn Fall Pumpkin Spice Tea Cup Fairy Figurine Fantasy Decor Statue

This autumn fall pumpkin spice fairy is lounging around in her bathtub that is shaped like a mug. The autumn colors of both her clothing and the mug are lovely. Learn more here.

Ebros Amy Brown Large Lady of The Forest Green Tribal Fairy Collector Figurine 19.5″ H Fantasy Art of Fairies Pixies Nymphs Gaia Earth Elemental FAE Magic Decor Statue

This is a larger fairy from Ebros Amy Brown. She is dressed in an elegant green dress. She is known as the Lady of The Forest. She enjoys adventures in nature. Learn more here.

Thank you for visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden. These Ebros Amy Brown collectibles are so enchanted that we know they’ll make great Christmas gifts for anyone who loves a whimsical, fairy inspired gift. Please continue to visit us. We are also on social media.

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