Adopt A Special Magical Dragon For Christmas

Last week we helped you learn how to adopt a magical unicorn in Fairy Land. This week we’re going to be helping you adopt a dragon. Are you ready for this week’s adventure with Teelie’s Fairy Garden?

Enjoy our enchanted video of our talking fairy.


Top Land Trading Top Collection Mini Dragon Scaley Reading Book, Fairy Garden, Mini Dragon, Miniature Dragon, Fairy Dragon

When selecting the dragon that you want to adopt this Christmas, you need to consider their personalities. This little green dragon is calm and loves birds and reading. Learn more here.

Top Collection Solar The Red Dragon – Mini Collectible Fantasy Figurine (Good Night Teddy Bear)

This adorable red dragon is named Solar, and it especially likes to take naps. It is very friendly and relaxed and even has its own cute teddy bear. It is for sure that if you adopt this little dragon, it won’t complain about its bedtime routine. Learn more here.

Top Collection Rex The Green Dragon – Mini Collectible Fantasy Figurine (The Skateboarder)

Rex is the name of this active green dragon. It loves to skateboard and hopes that there is lots of action happening at your home that you can involve it in too. Learn more here.

Top Collection Enchanted Story Fairy Garden Dragon Writing Outdoor Statue, Green, White

This dragon is looking for a home that has lots of good natural light as it likes to spend some of its time writing. It is hoping to live in an enchanted fairy garden where there are lots of great tales to be heard that it can write about. Learn more here.

FIMOFIDRE Miniature Fairy Garden Figurines Outdoor Statues Terrarium Dragon Holding Flowers Decor Housewarming Gift for Patio Lawn Yard

This blue dragon is kind, well-spoken and enjoys surprises. It currently has a beautiful bouquet of flowers to offer to whomever adopts it. Learn more here.

Nature’s Touch Mini Garden Resin Baby Dragons 2.5 Inches x 1 Set of 2 Pieces

These little dragons are extremely young. As you can see one of these babies hasn’t even finished hatching from its egg yet. They’re siblings and need to be adopted together so that they’ll always have someone to play with. Learn more here.

Top Land Trading Top Collection Mini Girl Dragon Emberz with Dragonfly, Fairy Garden, Mini Dragon, Miniature Dragon, Fairy Dragon

This dragon is enjoying a quiet moment sitting on its rock with its friend the dragonfly. They have a great time enjoying the many beautiful elements of nature that are around them. Learn more here.

Dragon Statue Mini Dragon Figurine, Resin Home Decor, Cute Ornaments, Lucky Animal Garden Statue for Micro Landscape (Song of The Dragon)

This dragon has a big personality and is often the life of the party. It is currently enjoying the chance to sing the Song of the Dragon at a karaoke party. Learn more here.

Thank you for spending time in Teelie’s Fairy Garden with us. Have you been inspired to select a magical dragon to take home with you this Christmas? They can make amazing Fairy Land pets.  You can also visit us on social media to learn more.

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