How a Fairy Celebrates the New Year

The New Year is upon us and to experience it with the fairies, all you have to do is open your fairy door to the wonder that awaits. How do fairies celebrate the New Year? We’re glad that you asked because we have the answer for you. And, perhaps you’d like to select some of their activities for your New Year. Also, make sure to give yourself some time to explore the magical fairy world in Teelie’s Fairy Garden. Or, perhaps you’d like to have a sneak peak of what King Henry and Queen Olivia are planning for the New Year’s Ball? Tommy Tinker had the chance to speak with the palace party planner. You can read all about it here.

1. The Fairy Ball – Adults
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2. The Fairy Ball – Teens
Mr. and Mrs. Snowman On The Christmas Sled
3. The Fairy Ball – Children
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4. New Year’s Eve Wishes – Everyone
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The New Year’s Eve Fairy Ball

Attending the New Year’s Eve Fairy Ball at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s palace in Fairy Land is a must. Every year, there are activities planned for fairies of all ages. Here is a look at some of the favorite activities from other years, which will be repeated this year.

The Fairy Ball – Adults

What the adult fairies love most about the New Year’s Eve Fairy Ball is the dancing and the atmosphere of the ball room with the decorations and music. The magical surprises that appear throughout the ball are also always greatly anticipated. And, if the Romance Fairies get their way, there will also be some romances born on the dance floor which will flourish throughout the New Year. If you’d like to own a figurine to commemorate the joy that fairies feel when they dance, we chose one from the Disney collection on Amazon.

The Fairy Ball – Teens

Some of the teenage fairies enjoy dancing at the New Year’s Eve Fairy Ball, but they are more likely to enjoy the games which the palace party planner arranges especially for them each year. One of the favored activities is the sled races. And, because of fairy magic, even when the teens are wearing their fancy clothing for the ball, it doesn’t get dirty or tattered when they participate in outdoor fun. To celebrate this activity, we found a Mr. and Mrs. Snowman on a Christmas Sled at Etsy.

The Fairy Ball – Children

For the children, the sweets table is one of their favorite places to be at the New Year’s Eve Fairy Ball. There is so much candy and so many different kinds of pastries for them to snack on. And, the treats tend to have some magic surrounding them, which means that a plate of freshly baked treats sometimes appears out of nowhere or a plate might replenish itself right before the childrens’ eyes. And, with Christmas just behind them, there are sure to be some left-over Christmas cookies and candy canes. And, in Fairy Land hot cocoa is a year-round indulgence. If you’d like to own a sweet miniature fairy scene, you can find it on Etsy.

 New Year’s Eve Wishes – Everyone

One very special event that happens each year at the New Year’s Eve Fairy Ball is the chance to make a wish in the magical wishing well. In Fairy lore, it is said that the magic wishing well travels the world and only appears on certain nights in certain places. At King Henry and Queen Olivia’s palace, that time is always on New Year’s Eve, which is wonderful because December 31st is the time to make a wish for the coming year. For some, the wish might be a resolution that they wish to uphold for the next year, but for others it is a hope for something in the future, perhaps a romance or finding an old friend. If you’d like to own your own wishing well, you can find a five-piece set on Amazon.

1. Planning for the Year Ahead
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2.  Create Balance
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3. Experience Adventure
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4. Treasure Each Day
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Other Events Associated with the New Year

Planning for the Year Ahead

Getting ready for the new year is more than just getting to attend an amazing Fairy Ball. It is also planning for the year ahead. For some fairies, this might mean an apprenticeship, or getting to try out a new job. For others, it means travel, starting a family or continuing with their current responsibilities. And, even though fairies are magical, they still need help keeping everything organized. This is why some fairies like to use the tools which humans do like a weekly agenda. We were able to locate a fairy themed one on Amazon, which will work for humans and fairies alike.

Create Balance

A resolution that many fairies make each year is to create balance in their lives. Even though they have magical powers, wings and fairy dust, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to rest and relax in order to be energized to do their work and to enjoy their time at home with family and friends. There are many ways to create balance including setting aside a special time to have tea with friends or family, or by including meditation in their routine or by declaring a set ‘me time’ each day or week. The routine is different for each fairy and perhaps another day, they’ll have more time to tell you how they create balance in their lives. If you’d like to own a figurine of a fairy resting on a comfortable mushroom, you can find it on Amazon.

Experience Adventure

Fairies, like humans can easily get into a routine that is sometimes difficult to break. And, even with the use of magic, fairies need to ensure that they experience adventure, so as not to do the same things each day. Ways that fairies can experience adventure are endless but can include a ride on a unicorn, the addition of a dragon as a pet, taking a beach vacation, climbing a mountain or going to a movie theatre to indulge in treats and a good film. If you’d like to own a figurine of a fairy on a unicorn, you can find one on Amazon. And, if you’d like to learn more about dragons, you can read about it on Tommy Tinker’s page here.

Treasure Each Day

Another fairy resolution is to ensure that they treasure each day and embrace the magic and wonder that comes with it. Even on an ordinary day, there is much that can be enjoyed including the beauty of a wildflower, the shape of the moon, the gentle breeze rustling through the trees or the sun creating rainbows with its reflections when it touches glass. Despite the routine that humans and the fairies can get into, it is important to always be on the lookout for the little treasures that come with each day. To celebrate treasuring each day, we selected a forever friends fairy figurine on Amazon.

Regardless of your plans for the New Year, everyone in Fairy Land would like to wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve and best wishes for the whole New Year. We send you wishes for hope, health, love and prosperity. And, please don’t leave just let. There’s lots more to see and do in Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

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