How Fairies Can Help with Your Christmas Preparations

Hello everyone, I’m so glad that you could join me here in my cottage today. I’m getting ready for Christmas and there’s a lot to do before it arrives, which is in less than two weeks. I’m Holly and I will be your fairy guide today as you learn about how fairies can help with Christmas preparations. I’m very fortunate that my family and I live in the garden of a wonderful family. One of the human children joined me to help get ready for Christmas earlier in  the month. It was so much fun that my friend Teelie Turner even decided to write a book about it.The book is called Holly’s Magical Fairy Tale Christmas . And, now I’m going to teach you how you can help your humans get ready for Christmas. Being a fairy who lives who among human believers is so much fun because we all have so much that we can share with each other. If you look at the short video above, you’ll get to see me by the Christmas tree. I was dancing. It is something that I love to do especially at Christmas.

1. Bake Holiday Treats
Holly Apron with Wreath
2. Enjoy a Holiday Beverage
Holly's Magical Fairy Tale Christmas Mug
3. Do something magical
Holly's Magical Fairy Tale Christmas Zipper Pouch
4. Wear Comfy Clothing
Holly's Magical Fairy Tale Christmas Leggings

Bake Holiday Treats

At Christmas time, having treats, especially sweets is exciting and delicious for both fairies and humans. I’ve had many wonderful experiences with Sara and her family. Some of their favorites at Christmas time are candy cane fudge and shortbread cookies. My family’s favorite Christmas treat is made from secret ingredients. You can learn more about it by reading Holly’s Magical Fairy Tale Christmas .  And, getting messy in the kitchen is something that happens often, so wearing an apron is always a good idea. I received mine as a gift from some friends in Fairy Land, and they put my picture on it with a beautiful Christmas wreath. If you’d like to own it, you can find it on Zazzle.

Enjoy a Holiday Beverage

And, while you’re preparing for the holidays, it is always fun to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or apple cider while you’re waiting for your treats to bake or watching a Christmas movie. I gave each of the humans that I watch over a cup with my picture on it. They loved them so much that they use them all year long, instead of just at Christmas, even though there is a Christmas wreath on them. If you’d like your own Holly mug, you can find it on Redbubble.

Do something magical

Whenever I’m helping my family of human believers, I always like to do something magical for them. They believe in me and what I do so I don’t have to hide my magic from them, and this makes our time together so special. This Christmas I have a zippered pouch with a picture of me standing beside the Christmas tree in my cottage. To help my human family with their decorating this year I’ve brought along some pine needles that I’ve mixed with a dash of fairy dust. I can’t wait for them to see their garlands magically appear throughout the house when I open my pouch and pour the contents onto their living room rug. If you’d like to own my pouch, you can buy it on Redbubble.

Wear Comfy Clothing

When getting ready for Christmas, it is important to wear comfortable clothing. A lot of reaching and standing on ladders is often required to decorate the Christmas tree and put up lights outside. However, because I’m a fairy, I have magnificent wings which allow me to get to all sorts of high places. That means I’m able to put up the Christmas lights with ease, and of course a pinch of fairy dust is always helpful too. If you’d like to own a comfortable pair of leggings that I’d recommend for holiday decorating, you can find them on Redbubble.

1. Make Sure Everyone has a Place to Sit
Christmas Snowman And His Furry Friends Floor Pillow
2. Get seasonal artwork
Holly's Magical Fairy Tale Christmas Art Board Print

Make Sure Everyone has a Place to Sit

Whether it is for decoration or to have extra seating for doing crafts together as a family like creating a popcorn strand to decorate the tree or for opening gifts on Christmas morning, making sure that everyone has somewhere to sit during your holiday celebrations is a must. This is why every house should have floor pillows like this one with a snowman and his furry friends. Its charming image is sure to brighten up any home. I often sit on these pillows with my fairy and human family so that we can all visit together. You can buy it on Redbubble.

Get seasonal artwork

Change is a good thing and changing around the artwork is a fun way to incorporate the holidays into your home. For Christmas consider an art print. There’s even one with my face on it. You can take down a picture that you’re used to seeing everyday and change it for Christmastime. I love to do this around my cottage. And, because of my fairy magic, I don’t have to worry about storage. Being a fairy makes many things so much simpler in life. You’ve got to love our fairy dust; it makes the magic happen all the time. You can find my artwork on Redbubble.

Create your own wrapping paper with fairy stickers

Another task when it comes to preparing for Christmas is wrapping. We fairies have a different way of wrapping things, we often use special handkerchiefs. But, when helping my human family, we decided that we would use recycled paper and decorate it with fairy stickers. I have a whole collection of them that they can use, and they love learning about each of the fairies as we work on our special wrapping paper. You can find stickers with my face on them, and with me standing beside the Christmas tree, but one of my favorites is of Candy the Christmas Fairy. She’s pictured with a candy cane which is a favorite treat among the fairies. If you’d like a fairy sticker, you can find one with Candy and many others on Redbubble.

Relax with Family and Friends in front of the Christmas Tree

After a day of decorating, it is important to make time to relax. Watching a movie or just sitting and looking at the glow of the Christmas tree is a very magical experience. And, to make it even better, grab a tasty treat and a warm drink and snuggle up under a blanket. While any blanket might do, if you have a baby this snowman and friends one is especially cute, and it matches the floor pillows that we talked about earlier.  My family and I love to join our human family after a long day of work so that we can enjoy some time together. You can find the blanket on Zazzle.

It has been great visiting with you. Now it is time for me to head back out to my fairy cottage and do a few more things for my family’s Christmas celebrations. The children, both mine and the human ones asked me to send along their greetings to you for a very Merry Christmas. But just because I’m headed home doesn’t mean that you need to go, please continue to enjoy your time in Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

If you would like to learn more about me, Holly, please visit my webpage. There are tons of exciting offers like the opportunity to see sample illustrations or read half of the story. You also have the chance to enter to win a free copy of my Christmas story. It is so magical that even though I lived it, I love reading it over and over again with my fairy and human families. Or, if you’d like to find out more about the my friend who wrote my story, you can visit the Teelie Turner Author page. 


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