Enchanted Eight: The Magic of Candy Canes

If you’ve been spending some time with us in Fairy Land, you’ve probably realized just how much fairies love sweets. And, candy canes are no different. Fairies love tasting candy canes, especially the traditional red and white ones. But that red and white candy cane look doesn’t stop with candy cane treats. Most fairies love leggings, and especially at Christmas time, red and white striped ones in a candy cane pattern are very popular. There is also candy cane décor and furniture which the fairies love. And, in this week’s Enchanted Eight that is what they want to share with you. And, the fairies who put together this week’s selection thought that you might be interested in knowing that the history of the candy cane goes all the way back to the 1600s. But, the candy cane as we’re most familiar with it weren’t invented until the early 1900’s. If you can, grab a candy cane and have a seat to discover the magic of candy cane furnishings. And, after you’ve finished this adventure with us, please visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden for more magic.

1. A Delicious Fence
Mini Christmas Glitter Snow Candy Cane Fence
2. The Joys of Gingerbread
Mini Christmas Candy Cane Gingerbread Coup
3. A Candy Cane Seat
Kathys Show Tack Fiddlehead Fairy Village - Candy Cane Chair
4. Santa’s on the Way
Miniature Fairy Garden ~ Mini Christmas Santa on Candy Cane Sleigh with Dog

A Delicious Fence

If you’d like a fence that looks good enough to eat, but that you shouldn’t, you’re going to want to own the Mini Christmas Glitter Snow Candy Cane Fence which can be purchased at Amazon. This fence is made from several candy canes and if you put it in your fairy garden or Christmas village, you’ll have fairies coming from near and far to see it.

The Joys of Gingerbread

This decorative piece from Amazon shows two gingerbread people, one with a few red and white buttons and the other holding a candy cane with a round striped candy on top of the cane. They are dancing and their joy could be yours too. They would look great in your fairy garden or Christmas village. And, you could have them stay around all year long, because can you really get too much gingerbread?

A Candy Cane Seat

If you’ve been looking for the perfect seat to make your fairy visitors comfortable when they come around, then look no further than this candy cane chair. It is made with two circular candy cane candies and a beautiful white frame. Its bright colors and comfortable design will make fairies want to visit with you. And, if you have some real candy canes for them to snack on while they relax with you, they’ll be even more enchanted to visit. You can find this chair on Amazon.

Santa’s on the Way

We all know that when Santa Claus comes for his annual visit on Christmas Eve that he doesn’t have much time to spend in your home because he has so many others to visit. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep Santa with you throughout the holiday season. This adorable sleigh figurine has candy cane runners and décor. It is completed with Santa and a dog sitting in the sleigh. You can own it by going to Amazon.

1. Fairy Post
Adjore Miniature Dollhouse Fairy Garden ~ Mini Glitter Christmas Candy Cane Mailbox ~ Best Outdoor Accessory
2. An Adorable Christmas Sloth
Miniature Dollhouse FAIRY GARDEN Figurine ~ Mini CHRISTMAS Sloth on Candy Cane
3. Elves Love Candy Canes
Miniature Dollhouse Fairy Garden Figurine ~ Mini Christmas Elf Boy with Candy Cane
4. Candy Cane Archway
Fairy Garden Christmas Miniature - Candy Cane Arch Way with Wreath and Tree

Fairy Post

The fairy post is delivered in a lot of different magical ways. Some of it doesn’t require envelopes, paper, stamps or even a mailbox. But fairies love receiving notes from their human believers. Sometimes, they write them too. And, so what better way to exchange letters than to have a miniature mailbox in your fairy garden or Christmas village to encourage this communication. The mailbox is striped like a candy cane and can be found at Amazon.

An Adorable Christmas Sloth

Have you ever seen pictures of sloths online? Or maybe you’ve had the  chance  to see one in person at a zoo? If you have then you know that they are incredibly adorable. The animal fairies love it when they have the opportunity to look after the sloths. This miniature figurine of a sloth holding a candy cane is so cute that we absolutely had to share it with you. You may want to include it in a Christmas scene or display it on a shelf where you can walk by and be filled with happiness when you see how precious it is. You can own it by shopping on Amazon.

Elves Love Candy Canes

Elves love candy canes just as much as fairies do. And to celebrate this we found a mini Christmas elf boy holding a candy cane on Amazon. Elves especially like to use their candy canes to stir their hot chocolate so that it gets an added sweet, peppermint flavor. Have you ever tried doing that? It’s delicious.

Candy Cane Archway

Our final Enchanted Eight item for this week is a decorated candy cane archway. It is perfect for a Christmas fairy garden or village. There is a fairy sized replica of this miniature decoration in Fairy Land and fairies love to meet their friends there. One Christmas fairy even proposed to his girlfriend under the arch. It was a magical and memorable moment. You can buy it on Amazon.

We hope that this week’s Enchanted Eight has lit your heart with magic and joy. We have a lot of other magic things happening around Fairy Land, so visit Teelie’s Fairy Garden to keep up with what’s happening in the fairies’ lives. And, if you’d like to entice the fairies to spend some more time with you, we suggest reading last week’s Enchanted Eight on getting a fairy to live in your Christmas village.

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